There’s a World of Translators, But Who Are They Really?

There’s a World of Translators, But Who Are They Really?There are so many people who are offering their services as translators in today’s global marketplace, but how do you find out which of them are valid and qualified translators? The internet allows everyone and anyone to enter the industry and start translating without any training or experience. It’s up to the buyer to be judge and jury in finding the right and experienced translator.

When you use Technovate Translations, we take the guesswork out of selecting a translator because we do the vetting for you. Here are three factors that we look for when hiring a new translator:

  1. Verifiable experience – Who have they translated for and what types of projects have they completed?
  2. Education – Ensure they have a translation degree or equivalent technical educational background.
  3. Demeanor and personality – Is this person easy to work with? Will they put the final product first and prioritize the client’s preferences and needs?

We have many other criteria, but these are foundational: verifiable experience, education and personality. The last one I find to be extremely important. Ultimately, our business succeeds when our clients are happy. Making the customer happy is our key objective, and if the translator also prioritizes client satisfaction, it makes for a perfect working relationship.

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