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Los Angeles Translation Services

Los Angeles Translation Services

Los Angeles, Home of Hollywood

There's no place like LA. Idealized and revered by people the world over, the City of Angels is a popular attraction for aspiring stars and passing tourists alike. For nearly a century, Los Angeles and its Hollywood persona have been the entertainment capital of the world, uniting art-loving citizens in countries across the globe. Part of going to LA is to be immersed in dozens of cultures that all call the city home. That's why translation services like those offered by Technovate Translations have become such an integral part of keeping it running. In order for Los Angeles to remain accessible to the many people who pass through it, translation services that provide fast, efficient work make all the difference.

Cultural Melting Pot

Technovate Translations has the highest quality translators in LA to do precisely that. They are available to their clients at all times for jobs of any size. We provide Los Angeles with a wide selection of translation and localisation services like:

  • Document translation (for general documents, like tourist information, advertising, work visas, etc.)
  • Complex translation (for documents which are more focused on advanced terminology, such as medical, legal, and technical documents)
  • Screenplay translation and script translation
  • Transcription translation for subtitles
  • Website and software translation and foreign language desktop publishing and localisation
  • Overnight rush translation

Plus, we provide live interpreting during a tour or production, so language won't be a barrier for anyone wanting to enjoy everything Los Angeles has to offer.

Standing In For All Your Translation Needs

Technovate prides itself on being one of the foremost translation agencies in LA. Our translators are native speakers of the most common foreign languages spoken in the city, including Spanish, Korean, Tagalog, Armenian and Chinese.

When you work with a Technovate translator, you will get a product that represents the meaning and cultural significance behind your words, not just a direct word-for-word translation. Specialists are available 24 hours a day, by phone or online at TechnovateTranslations.com, so no matter when you need them met, your translation needs will be satisfied.