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Ottawa Translation Services

Ottawa Translation Services

Ottawa — Power to the Politicos

Of all Canada's major cities, none are as powerful politically as Ottawa. The fourth largest metropolitan area in the country, Ottawa houses the Prime Minister and all the constituents of Canadian government. With so much happening in one city, the international spotlight on Ottawa is strong, drawing power players and tourists alike to the area. On any given day, tour buses sit in front of Parliament Hill as thousands of people every year take in the greatest sites on the Canadian political landscape. That alone was enough for Technovate Translations to build an office in the nation's capital, to serve the dignitaries and passers-through who convene in Ottawa.

Making the Scene

Dynamic and flexible translation services are imperative in a place like Ottawa. As the capital of Canada, a bilingual country by law, Ottawa has to constantly be at the forefront of both the country's official languages. Ottawa is situated just across the river from Quebec so every document and every sign in the city has to reflect both French and English. Technovate is dedicated to helping businesses and individuals' stay accurately connected regardless of perceived language barriers. They provide translation services in a number of critical areas, including:

  • Document translation (for general documents, like tourist information, advertising, work visas, etc.)
  • Complex translation (for documents which are more focused on advanced terminology, such as medical, legal, and technical documents)
  • Transcription translation for court proceedings and meeting minutes
  • Website and software translation and foreign language desktop publishing and localisation
  • Overnight rush translation

Plus, Technovate provides live interpretation clients use for business meetings and on tour buses, always making sure they're getting the best experience possible.

Standing Out from the Pack

What sets Technovate's translation agency apart from others, though, is our commitment to quality and professionalism, from our team of nearly 3,000 translators to the final product we return to our clients. Life moves fast in a city like Ottawa, and Technovate has cemented its reputation as one of the most well-known and respected multi-language translation agencies in the industry by never failing to meet their clients' high standards.

In order to keep Ottawa functioning at the most productive level possible, accurate, efficient translation service providers are a necessity. Call Technovate Translations today and let us become your go-to translation agency in Ottawa.