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Certified Translation Service

Legal Translation Services

Certified translation is the standardized process of translating official documents for governments or legal proceedings to be recognized as true in the language of your choice. In many countries they call it notarized translation but in North America there is a specific process that we undertake to ensure acceptance of your documents in courts and governmental purposes.

Canadian and USA Certified Legal Translation at Your Fingertips!

Legal Certified Translation

When law firms are looking to ensure the fidelity of a document(s) to include in a legal proceeding in the US or Canada they order our Certified Translation Service. We have performed thousands of projects for law firms needed for certified translation over the years. Every time we undertake a project we ensure three things:

  1. The translator’s background matches the one of the project
  2. Delivery of the project is on-time no matter the length
  3. Our staff explains and informs to provide peace of mind every time

Every translation comes with a certified translator’s stamp of authenticity to ensure your document is certified and ready for its intended purpose.

For US law firms we certify our documents using the following governing body certification:

For Canadian law firms we certify our documents using the following governing body certifications:

Types of documents and services that use certified translation services:



Death certificates

Financial documents

All legal documents

Power of attorney

Medical documents

Birth certificates

Passport & visa stamps

Real estate documents


Police records

Evidentiary documents

Marriage certificates

Discovery documents

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