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Canadian French Translation Services

This language is defined as Canadian French and it's also an official language in Canada. French is the native tongue for 22% of the Canadian population. It is considered to have co-official status as well as English. In certain provinces it may or may not be spoken. In Quebec for example, French is the only official language. Government services are offered in both English and French in certain areas of Canada.

French Canadian Translation Services

The French that is spoken in Quebec is considered Quebec French. There are many different dialects of French in Canada and all are spoken based on their province and location. There are two main sub-varieties of French which include Joual and Chiac. These are a blending of different French varieties.

About the Language:

There are three different dialects in the French Canadian section. They all are understandable throughout each other and closely related. People in Quebec do not always use the same words as the French do and have different words for the same word. There is a great use of anglicisms in the language and are used throughout. Understanding them will make it easier to understand what is being said when speaking. It is basically a French word that contains English parts.

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Interesting Fact:

Canada is considered a bilingualism country and both French and English have equal rights and privileges.

Main Industries:

  • Transportation
  • Food
  • Petroleum
  • Fish
  • Natural gas
  • Minerals

Language Facts:

  • French is the mother tongue of about 7 million Canadians
  • Most of the native speakers live in Quebec
  • In 1969, English and French were given equal status in Canada
  • 95% of Quebec’s population speaks it as either a first or second language

French Translation Services and Interpretation In:
Technical, Legal, Marketing, Government, Medical, Website Translation and Interpretation

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