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Dzongkha Translation Services

Dzongkha is the national language in the country of Bhutan. This is a South Tibetan language and is related to Sikkimese. It is not necessarily interchangeable with the language however some aspects of it are. Both of the languages are influenced by Classical Tibetan language. Choke was the name previously used instead of Dzongkha.

Dzongkha Translation Services

Dzongkha is considered a Central Bodish language with about 160,000 native speakers in Bhutan. It is considered the national language and is also spoken in Nepal and India.

We offer professional Dzongkha translation services to suit your needs. Our skilled translators will assist with medical, financial, legal, scholarly, and many other fields. Any document can be translated into Dzongkha by our professional staff. Diplomas, degrees, transcripts, books, essays, and certificates will be translated accurately and efficiently.

About the Language:

Dzongkha is closely related to the Tibetan language and is somewhat similar to the Chinese language. It is written with the Tibetan alphabet. Even though closely related to Tibetan, both languages are not interchangeable and they are not communicated the same between the two. There is an official way to write the language and is used for formal documents.

Interesting Fact:

This language has some words that do not have a vowel in between them. They are referred to as conjunct consonants.

Main Industries:

  • Wood
  • Cement
  • Processed fruits
  • Tourism
  • Alcoholic beverages

Language Facts:

  • Dzongkha is a Sino-Tibetan language
  • Similar to the Tibetan language
  • Taught in public schools in the area

Dzongkha Translation and Interpretation Services In:
Legal, Marketing, Government, Medical, Website Translation and Interpretation

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