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Galician Translation Services

Galician is considered a Western-Ibero-Romance language. It is spoken primarily by people in Galicia which is located in Spain. Galician is the official language of Galicia as well as Spanish. There are some neighboring areas that also speak Galician. Portuguese is in the same language class as Galician and they share some of the same origins.

Galician Translation Services

It wasn't until the 13th century that Galician became a written language even though instances of it existed as early as the 8th century. There are some conflicts between the relations between Galician and Portuguese which still exist today. Most of Galicia's population speaks Galician as their language. Galician is taught in school and has legal recognition in the country. There are also television shows and radio stations that air in the language.

We offer professional Galician translation services to suit your needs. Our skilled translators will assist with medical, financial, legal, scholarly, and many other fields. Any document can be translated into Galician by our professional staff. Diplomas, degrees, transcripts, books, essays, and certificates will be translated accurately and efficiently.

About the Language:

Galician has 7 different vowels and is the same ones used in the Portuguese language. The language also uses rising and falling diphthongs in the language. The language uses many Spanish loan words and also makes its distinctions throughout gender classifications of words. Galician has different rules for many different parts of grammar. There are different ways to address people and different classifications.

Interesting Fact:

The current writing system in Galician was placed into law in 1983, 1 year after it was introduced.

Main Industries:

  • Textiles
  • Automobiles
  • Tourism
  • Chemicals
  • Manufacturing
  • Metals

Language Facts:

  • 3.2 million native speakers
  • From the Indo-European language family
  • The official language in Galicia
  • No dialects of the language


Galician Translation and Interpretation Services In:
Legal, Marketing, Government, Medical, Website Translation and Interpretation

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