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Italian Translation Services

Italian is a language that is spoken in many different places such as; Italy, France, Switzerland, and a few others. Italian is considered a Romance language and is primarily spoken in the European areas. 59 million people speak Italian as their native language. Italian is the official language in quite a few European countries. Italian formed in the 12th century and has a background in poetry and literary use.

Italian Translation Services

There are quite a few different dialects of Italian and none of them are translatable between. Italian is a Romance language but it branches from the Indo-European family. It is part of the Italic branch specifically.

We offer professional Italian translation services to suit your needs. Our skilled translators will assist with medical, financial, legal, scholarly, and many other fields. Any document can be translated into Italian by our professional staff. Diplomas, degrees, transcripts, books, essays, and certificates will be translated accurately and efficiently.

About the Language:

Italian runs on a 7 vowel and 23 consonant systems. This is consistent with other Romance languages. Italian seems to hold on to the originals of the Latin language and does not vary like some of the other Romance languages. Italian has a fault in its language system and that is that it has a number of inconsistent outcomes for different sounds and words. Many sounds seem to produce the same results in varying words. The Italian alphabet consists of 21 letters. The excluded letters only appear in words that are loan words from other languages.

Interesting Fact:

In 1861, when Italy was unionized, only 2% of the population could actually speak the language.

Main Industries:

  • Machinery
  • Ceramics
  • Textiles
  • Tourism
  • Food Processing
  • Clothing

Language Facts:

  • Has over 85 million speakers
  • Is in the Indo-European language family
  • Is native it Italy and is also the official language

Italian Translation and Interpretation Services In:
Legal, Marketing, Government, Medical, Website Translation and Interpretation

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