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COVID-19 Document & Website Translation

COVID-19 Document Translation

The COVID-19 pandemic has been with us for over a year. It has affected business in a way that nothing else has in our lifetime. The pandemic has forced business to change the way business is done. Many office staff have worked from home and blue-collar staff have many new regulations added to their working experience, that is, if they still have their jobs.

Businesses must lead as the world goes through this event. Businesses must be clear and consistent in their message, and we can be your partners in fighting fear and uncertainty with clear and accurate translation during this difficult time.


Our translation team is ready and able to work with you in a flexible manner!

Businesses have become savvy and re-appropriated their products to use in combatting the pandemic or to satisfy a new need that the pandemic has exposed. This is where Technovate Translations can demonstrate how our system, translators and attention to quality can benefit you in this process.

Organizations are currently communicating with their staff, clients and community about their current plans and how they have changed. Businesses can feel confident that Technovate Translations is your ally in clear and accurate communication in 200 languages and dialects to help you with your messaging.

This is the time to reach out and prepare, and that means asking questions. We remain open to you via phone during office hours or after hours via email if you wish to speak with us so we can answer your questions.

Translation materials we have translated related to the COVID-19 Pandemic:

We fast-track translations that are COVID-19-related and work with your schedule to ensure your communication goes out efficiently.

Website Translation during COVID-19 Pandemic

Now is the right time to update your company’s website with new products and areas not yet present on your website. We have a specialized Website Translation Service that focuses on translating large volumes of text in HTML format, allowing you to make changes to your website. We can also manage this implementation for you with our added value web translation service.

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