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Choosing the right translation service provider to deliver high quality translations of your most important documents is the most important part of the translation process. The success of your project depends on your choice. Here's why you should partner with Technovate Translations for all your translation needs:

Adherence to Top Industry Standards
At Technovate we are proud to deliver quality at the highest level. We are fully audited and certified in the highest of industry standards, such as ISO 17100 and CGSB 131.10. This lets you know that you can trust that every project we work on is delivered at the highest quality.

7-Days-a-Week Client Care & Emergency Translation Services
As a company that advances global communication, we strive to help you meet all your objectives. We do this by completing projects when you need them. Whether you need your project next month, next week, or right now, we're here to help. We support our clients around the clock, and we're always able to help.

Custom Project Management System
Our custom project management system allows us to choose the right translator (or translators) for your project and put them to work instantly on your project, so your project begins without delay. This project management system allows us to ensure quality by managing our integrated review process.

More than 7,000 Translators and 200+ Languages
We work with thousands of translators in order to ensure the right person for the job is always available for you. Our translators work with all of the world's most common languages as well as a wide variety of specialty languages for specialized or unique projects.

Experts in Every Field
Unlike some services that specialize in a single area, we focus on having the specialists you need to help you with any and every translation need. Technical, marketing, medical or legal: We have the experts to help you with any or all of these. Our translators come from a wide variety of academic and professional backgrounds, and we maintain a database of translator profiles that allows us to match your project to experts in fields such as medicine, law, business, finance, science, engineering, and more. We can handle your industry-specific terminology and have the experience to back it up.

Deep Knowledge of Project Fulfillment
Whether you need a project in Framemaker, InDesign or AutoCAD or are in need of interpretation or transcription services, our project management specialists are trained to deliver your project exactly as you've requested. We work with internal and external specialists to combine exceptional translation and any ancillary services to create a comprehensive final document just for you. When you give us a project, we deliver exactly what you've ordered. Whatever you need, we make it happen.

Very few translation agencies can match our level of client care and quality. Choose Technovate Translations and Receive the quality you deserve.

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