Testing Translators before They Become Translators

Testing Translators before They Become TranslatorsIt’s always a safe practice to test a new translator. Translation is a business and requires scheduling and timing along with keeping standards high. When is testing an absolute must? When selecting a technical translator for a technical project, we believe it’s an absolute must.

In our experience, many translators would like you to make a decision based on their prior work, but we find the best way is to use their experience along with a short test to evaluate something closer to the project at hand.

When evaluating a test, we don’t just look at whether the translator is correct; we look at the tone, smoothness and how the translation reads. This allows us to understand if the translation will read well and be accurate.

Translation is an art, and to keep our clients coming back, we must also respect that our clients will make their future decisions not just on accuracy but also on how well the translation reads.

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