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certified document translationTechnovate Translations is a corporate and technical translation firm focusing on translating the documents that make businesses work. Our Certified Trnslation division shown here focuses on translating documents that are needed for official purposes. These documents are needed by both law firms and consumers looking to apply to various government agencies. We certify all documents needed in North America, whether you're in the United States or Canada we can help.

Looking for any of the documents below? Call us and we'll provide certified translation services.



Death certificates

Financial documents

All legal documents

Power of attorney

Medical documents

Birth certificates

Passport & visa stamps

Real estate documents


Police records

Evidentiary documents

Marriage certificates

Discovery documents

There are many more types of documents that you may need certified. If you have a document that is not on our list above just email us and we'll provide you with a certified translation via certified translator. You may be in some of the largest cities that we service in both the United States and Canada.

Toronto Certified Translation

Ottawa Certified Translation

Edmonton Certified Translation

Calgary Certified Translation

Vancouver Certified Translation

New York Certified Translation

Newark Certified Translation

Seattle Certified Translation

Boston Certified Translation

Los Angeles Certified Translation

Our certified translation projects are completed and mailed to you in short order. Here is how we perform our certifications depending on where in North America you live. As long as it's needed for the US or Canada we know exactly how to perform the certification.

In the USA for law firms or individuals ordering certified translation we perform certified translation services using the American Translators Association certification:

certified Spanish translator

For Canadian law firms or individuals ordering certified translation we certify our documents using the following governing body certifications:

ATIO Icon STIBC Icon certified French translator ATIA Icon

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