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Boston is among the historic cities of the US and has remained a vital and evolving metropolis over the years. It is a focal point of a diversified and dynamic combination of cultural, educational, and medical entities in the United States. The city is home to many multinational companies making it a point of interest among many entrepreneurs and job seekers. This has presented the need for certified translation services and you would be hard-pressed to find a better service than Technovate Translations Boston.

Certified Translation Services Boston

Our firm holds a translation certificate from the American Translators Associations which allows us to translate legal and government documents. We have handled numerous translation projects which have given us the required experience in the field. We have handled all types of projects even the most complex ones, so you can be sure that your projects will be delivered to your satisfaction.

Our translators are also ATA certified which allows for the translation and certification of your documents. You can therefore be assured that all your projects will be handled in a professional manner and be delivered in time.

Certified Legal Translations

There are many law firms in and around Boston that often require a certified translation of legal documents including court judgments, contracts, affidavits, and real estate documents among others. As a certified legal translator Boston, we have provided quality translation to law firms around Boston for several years now. We will work closely with your firm to offer best-certified translation services accurately and timely.

Government Documents

As a multicultural hub with thousands of foreigners, several people are constantly seeking to equalize their government documents and certificates. This is a task that requires translating these documents from their original language to English. If you require this service, then you are in luck as we will help you right from the comfort of your home. The only thing that you need to do is to send in your scanned documents through the quote request form available on our site and we will take care of the rest. We translate documents like marriage certificates, birth certificates, transcripts, and driving licenses, and many more.

Why Choose Technovate Translations Boston

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	<p>At Technovate Translations Boston, we pride ourselves on providing quality translation services of all types of government and personal documents. If you are considering hiring certified translation services Boston here is why you should choose us.</p>
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  • Qualified Professional Translators
  • Our team of translators is highly qualified and professional. They are also widely experienced in the translation industry.

  • Over 200 Translation Languages
  • Our qualified and certified translators are able to translate more than 200 popularly spoken languages in the world. They are natives of these languages and thus have the mastery of the language and its usage in a local context.

  • Emergency Translations
  • We are able to take emergency translations and deliver within 24 hours of being commissioned. We offer high-quality translations so you don’t have to worry about the short delivery period.

  • Quality Assurance
  • Quality is our mantra and that is why we have a quality assurance department that assesses all projects upon completion to ensure that you get only the best.

    6 Simple and Easy to Follow Steps to Our Certified Translations

    • Step 1:  Complete the Quick Quote Form
    • If you are interested in getting your documents translated, you can receive a free quote from us by completing the quick quote form on our website. You will receive a prompt reply from one of our specialists to offer guidance on how you can get your translations done accurately and on time. We require that you send copies of the documents that you want to be translated. For legal documents, send a scan along with the quote request and for personal documents send a high-resolution image.

    • Step 2:  Place Your Order
    • Once we receive your quote request, we will immediately start working on a quote for you. We will send it to you along with instructions on how to place your order so we can start working on your document right away.

    • Step 3:  Certified Translation and Quality Assurance
    • Our team of translators is certified and highly qualified in addition to being experienced in numerous fields of translation. You can therefore be assured that all your translation projects will be handled by experts and delivered to you on time. In addition to that, we have a quality assurance department that checks all completed projects to ensure that they have been translated to the highest quality possible.

    • Step 4:  Timely Delivery of Translations
    • We are adequately staffed with a team of highly skilled language experts who are experienced in different translation languages including finance, technical, and legal. This expertise gives them the ability to offer high-quality translations in a fast and accurate manner. We also recognize the need to keep up with the 24-hour business environment existing today. As a result, we have a 24/7 customer support service that is dedicated to responding to your needs in a timely manner.

    • Step 5: Certified Translation Sent by E-scan
    • After we have completed your translation project, we will send you an e-scan copy for you to review. Go through the document and highlight any area that you need to be changed or modified. After you approve the e-scans, we will then send you the hard copy.

    • Step 6:  Hard Copy Sent Through Mail
    • Once everything has been checked, we will send you a hard copy of the translated document. The document will have a stamp that is certified by an approved body. We will deliver the hard copy of the certified translated document to your office, law firm, or home address.

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    If you are looking for certified translation services Boston, look no more. At Technovate Translations Boston, we offer the best translation services. We have a team of certified and qualified translation professionals who will handle your projects expertly. To receive a free quote from us, fill out the quick quote request form available on our website today.

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