Certified Translator Calgary

certified translator Calgary

The city of Calgary is the administrative and financial headquarters of Canada. Based in southern Alberta, this is a relatively young city with a population of 1.3 million. As the corporate center of the petroleum industry, Calgary attracts several other related services including finance, banking, insurance, and transportation, as well as petroleum supply.

Being an economic hub, the city attracts many people from across Canada and beyond. As a result, many Calgary residents recognize the need to have business content in multiple languages to attract the rising demand of clients who would prefer to conduct business in their native language. This is why certified translation service Calgary is a crucial service and no better place to find one than at Calgary Translations.

USA and Canadian Certified Translator

We value quality and that is why we go out of the way to have the necessary certification. We hold an ISO 17100 certification which is the highest offered in the translation industry. Moreover, we are certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) and our translators are certified by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta (ATIA). We also ensure that all our translations follow a specific process and we deliver high quality and accurate certified translations.

We have vast experience when it comes to offering certified translation services. We have handled over 30, 0000 translation projects and gained the experience to handle any type of document. Therefore, you can be at peace knowing that we deliver quality content regardless of how complex your document seems to be.

Legal Certified Translation

Calgary is home to many law firms that often require legal translation of their documents. As a certified translator in Calgary, we provide quality legal translations to law firms in and around Calgary. We have the experience and expertise to handle any type of legal document presented to us. We will work closely with your firm to ensure that we provide you the best certified translation services accurately and swiftly. Some legal documents that we translate include contracts, affidavits, deposition documents, court judgments, and many more.

Government Documents and Personal Certificates

Calgary receives a high number of foreigners annually and many of them are seeking to have their documents equalized to match those issued by the Canadian government. People often seek to have their marriage certificates, driving licenses, and transcripts equalized. Usually, this requires that these documents are translated from their native country’s language to English. If you want your personal documents and certificates translated, we can help you from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is scan your documents and send them to us through the quote form available on our website and leave the rest to us.

Why Choose Technovate Translations Calgary

certified translation services Calgary

At Technovate Translations, we pride ourselves on offering quality translation services for all government and personal documents. If you are looking for a certified translation Calgary, here is why you might want to consider us:

  • We can translate and interpret over 2000 of the world’s most commonly spoken languages.
  • We can handle emergency translation tasks and deliver them within 24 hours.
  • We have an efficient system that allows us to assign tasks as soon as we receive them.
  • We can smoothly and swiftly handle multi-lingual projects.
  • have a quality assurance department that checks the quality of all translated documents.
  • We can handle even the most complex tasks and deliver in time regardless of the field.
  • We have active customer support that responds to your concerns promptly.

Our Translation Process

We follow a certain procedure when it comes to handling all our translation projects. For all your translation needs, you can reach to us by filling the quote request form or via email:

  • Step 1:  Fill the Quote Request Form
  • If you need a translation service, you can reach us by filling the quote request form on our website. For effective communication and completion of the translation, we require you send digital copies of your legal documents or high-resolution images of your personal documents showing all the details. Once you have sent us the quote request we will respond promptly.

  • Step 2:  Place Your Order
  • Once we receive your quote request, we will immediately work out a quote for you and send you instructions on how to place your order. Based on our payment policy, personal certificates should be paid for upfront while for legal documents we will send an invoice.

  • Step 3:  Certified Translation & Quality Assurance
  • Our team of translators is highly skilled and experienced in all fields of translation. Every project assigned to us will be handled professionally so you can have peace of mind knowing that you will receive valid and certified translated documents.

    Additionally, we have a quality assurance department that checks all the translated documents to ensure quality. This ensures that all your documents are of the highest standard possible and can meet the requirements and expectations of your final audience.

  • Step 4:  Certified Translations Sent by E-scan
  • As part of our quality assurance protocol, we send an electrically scanned copy of the translated document for the client to review. When you receive the e-scan, peruse through it and identify any areas that you need to be changed or modified. Once you approve the document, we will send you the hard copy of the document through mail or courier service.

  • Step 5:  Hard Copy Delivered
  • After you have approved the e-scan, we will proceed to deliver the hard copy of the certified translated document. It will bear a stamp from an accredited body showing that it is verified and certified. We will deliver the copy to your preferred address—law firm, home, or business address.

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