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Located in Southeastern Ontario, Ottawa is the capital city of Canada. The city is located on the boundary between Ontario and Quebec. Because of its position, Ottawa serves as a national capital and is one of the bilingual cities in the country. With many people not speaking the native language, Ottawa has presented a high demand for translation services. For all your translation needs, you can rely on a certified translation service Ottawa. Ottawa Translations is a certified translator in Ottawa offering affordable and timely translation services.

USA and Canadian Certified Translator Ottawa

We are committed to providing our customers with premium translation services and that is why we hold several certifications. To begin with, we are certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) which gives us the ability to translate legal and government documents. Over the years we have completed more than 30,000 translation projects. This has given us the experience and expertise to translate any type of document. Additionally, we work closely with translators certified by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO). We are also ISO 17100 Certified. ISO 17100 is the highest level of certification offered in the translation industry.

In addition to these certifications, we hire only certified translators with ATIO certifications to translate your certified documents. This way, we ensure that all translation projects are well-handled and certified. We also have a strict translation procedure in place so you can rest easy knowing that all your projects will be professionally handled and delivered on time.

Legal Certified Translation

As a certified translator in Ottawa, we offer the best certified legal translation services in Ottawa. The city of Ottawa has numerous law firms that often require the services of a certified translator. We are the city’s premier translation service provider offering quality translations to legal firms. We translate several legal documents including contracts. Court rulings, affidavits, power of attorney, and deposition documents among others.

Government Documents and Certificates

Ottawa is a bilingual city and thus a multicultural hub filled with foreigners. This means that the number of people looking to match their documents with those of the Canadian government is high. The majority of immigrants want to have their documents such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, driving license, and academic transcripts translated from their native language to English. Fortunately, with certified translation Ottawa, you can have your documents translated right from the comfort of your home. We only need you to send us scanned copies of your documents via our online quote form and we will handle the rest. We will have the translated documents presented to you in a timely and affordable manner.

Our Translation Process-7 Easy and Quick to Follow Steps

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The first step to having your translation project done is by filling our quick quote form. Filling this form helps us better communicate with you and offer quality services. For all your translation requests, feel free to reach out to us through our email or fill our quick quote form.

  • Step 1:  Complete a Quick Quote Request
  • If you have any translation project that you need us to complete, you can fill out our quote request form online and receive a free quote from us. While filling out the form, ensure to scan and attach your legal documents and in case of a personal certificate attach a high-resolution image so that we can see all text on the document. Once you have done that, send us the document via the quote form and one of our staff will promptly get in touch.

  • Step 2:  Place Your Order
  • Once we receive your quote request, we will come up with a quote and send you the instructions on how to place your order so we can start working on your documents right away. As our payment policy, all personal certificates must be paid for upfront while for legal documents we send an invoice.

  • Step 3:  Best Certified Translator
  • We ensure that all projects commissioned to us are handled by a certified translator. We have a team of qualified translators so you can rest assured that your translated documents will be valid and legally recognized.

  • Step 4:  Following of Protocols
  • At Technovate Translations Ottawa translators, we have a full team of highly skilled language experts who have the necessary experience in several industries. With this expertise, our professionals can offer high-quality translations swiftly and accurately. We also acknowledge the 24-hour business environment that exists in modern times. We, therefore, have a 24/7 customer service that is dedicated to offering timely responses ensuring that you get your translations whenever you need them.

  • Step 5:  Certified Translations and Quality Assurance
  • In addition to being verified and certified, all our translators are highly experienced. They are native speakers of the languages that they translate which gives them a great mastery and understanding of the language in use. This ensures that all our translations meet the needs and expectations of your final addressees. Furthermore, we have a quality assurance department that keenly goes through the translated document to ensure that it is of the highest standard possible

  • Step 6:  Translated Document Sent by E-scan
  • Once we are through with the translation project, we will send you an electronically scanned copy for you to review. Take a quick look at the document and advise on what areas you want to be changed or modified. Once you are satisfied with the result, we will send you the hard copy.

  • Step 7:  Hard Copy of Certified Translation Delivered
  • After you have approved the e-scan, we will proceed to send you the hard copy of the certified translation. The copy bears a stamp verified by an accredited body. The copy will be delivered to your law firm, home, or business address.

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