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Seattle is one of the largest and most affluent urban centers in the US. It is an important international economic center and is a leading technology center in the world with manufacturers like Microsoft Corporation being found here. Being a chief commercial and financial center for the Pacific Northwest, Seattle has seen an influx of foreigners from across the globe. As a result, many entrepreneurs and law firms are seeking to have documents translated into multiple languages. If you are seeking to have your documents translated, whether personal or legal, you can trust Technovate Translation Seattle to handle it.

USA Certified Translations

Technovate Translations Seattle is certified by the American Translators Association which allows us to offer legal and government translation services in Seattle. Over the years, we have managed to handle over 30, 000 translation projects. Our vast experience has enabled us to handle all types of documents that you may have. We are also capable of handling all types of projects including the most complex ones so you can rest easy knowing that we will deliver to your requirements.

To further ensure quality translations, we work with ATA certified translators who will translate and certify your documents. We also have a detailed protocol and procedure to handle all our certified translation projects. You can therefore be assured that all your translation projects will be professionally handled and delivered in a timely and accurately every time you hire us.

Legal Certified Translations

As a certified translator Seattle, we offer legal translation services to law firms in and around Seattle. There are many major firms located here that constantly require the legal certified translation of documents including affidavits, court rulings, legal contracts, and real estate documents among others. Over the years we have been commissioned with many large legal projects so you can trust us to deliver. Regardless of the nature of your projects, we will collaborate with your law firm to ensure that the translated documents meet your standards.

Government Documents and Personal Certificates

certified translation services seattle

In addition to legal translations, we also translate government documents and personal certificates such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, driving licenses, and transcripts among others. Most of these documents are in their native languages and require to be translated into English. If you have any certificates and require them to be translated you can fill in the quote request form and we get it done.

Our Certified Translation Process-7 Easy to Follow Steps

  • Step One: Fill the Order Request Form
  • If you have any translations projects, proceed to our website and fill the order request form and we will respond to you promptly. Make sure that you have your documents ready before filling the quote form. For personal certificates, ensure that you have high-resolution images that capture all the details on the document. As for legal documents, we require scanned copies. Attach these documents on the quote request form and we will get back to you immediately.

  • Step Two: Place Your Order
  • Once we receive your quote request form, we will immediately start working on a quote for you. We will then send it to you along with instructions on how to place your order so that we can start working on your documents right away. We will create a quote that is affordable for you.

  • Step 3: Best Match Translations
  • Our firm is fully staffed with qualified and professional translators. We therefore will match your project to the most suited translator so you can be sure that the quality will not be compromised

  • Step Four: Swift and Accurate Translations
  • At Technovate Translations Seattle, we have the best team of highly skilled language experts who are experienced in a variety of industries. As a result, our professionals can offer quality translations swiftly and accurately. We also recognize the 24-hour business environment that exists. To keep up with the new trend, we have a customer support service that operates round the clock to respond to your queries and concerns on time.

  • Step Five: Quality Assurance
  • We work with verified and certified translators who are highly experienced hence reliable. They are also native speakers of the languages they work with. This means that they have a great understanding of the subtleties and nuances of the language as well as their usage in the local context. This way, all our translation projects are designed to meet the needs and expectations of the final audience. We also have a quality assurance department that checks all the translated documents to ensure that they meet the required standards.

  • Step Six: Translated Document Sent by Email
  • After we have completed the translation, we will send you an email containing the e-scans of the translated document for your review. At this stage, we need you to peruse the document and communicate any areas that you need to be changed or modified. Once you are satisfied with the final document, we will then proceed to the next and final step of sending you the hard copy.

  • Step Seven: Hard Copy of Certified Translation Delivered
  • Once everything has been checked and approved, we will then send you a hard copy of the certified translation. The copy bears a stamp that is approved by an accredited agency. The copy will be delivered to your law firm, home, or business address via mail or courier service.

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If you are in search of certified translation services Seattle, look no further than Technovate Translations Seattle. We offer the most affordable quality certified translations services. We have a great team of certified and verified professional translators who are experienced in the field. If you want to receive a free quote, you can complete our quick quote request form online and we will reply to you promptly.

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