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Vancouver is the major urban center of western Canada and one of the most populous metropolitan regions. Vancouver is British Columbia’s industrial, commercial and financial hub. This has made it a popular destination for immigrants both from Canada and overseas. The high number of immigrants in this area has led to a demand for translation services and you will not find a better translation service provider to help you with your certified request than Technovate Translations Vancouver.

Certified Canadian Translators

We are a trusted certified translation service provider in Vancouver and surrounding areas and we do our best to ensure that our clients are satisfied. We are certified by the American Translators Association (ATA) and our translators are certified by the Society of Translators and Interpreters British Columbia (STIBC). These accreditations allow us to offer legal and government translation services to our customers in and around the Vancouver area.

Additionally, we hold an ISO 17100 certification which is the highest certification in the translations industry. This alone is enough evidence that we are legit and offer quality certified translation services in Vancouver. Our translators also hold ATA and STBIC certification which ensures that all your documents are professionally translated and certified.

Our translation process is articulate and detailed as we follow a specific protocol. You can, therefore, rest assured that your work is in the right hands and will be delivered as you want them to be and on-time

Legal Certified Translator Vancouver

We are certified by the American Translators Association which allows us to translate legal and government documents. Our firm has worked for several law firms in Vancouver and helped them translate legal documents including court judgments, affidavits, immigration documents, power of attorney, and many more. As a premier translation company, we have provided quality translation services to several law firms in and around Vancouver for many years now. Regardless of what type of document you want to be translated, we will work closely with your law firm to ensure quality translation services in a precise and timely manner.

Government Documents

certified translation services Vancouver

Being a multicultural hub, Vancouver experiences a high number of foreigners coming in. This has presented the need for translation services as many people want to have their certificates and government documents accredited. Most of these documents are in their native language and thus require to be translated to English. You can trust us to do the work for you. Simply scan your documents and send them to us through the quote form on our site and we will get the work done. We translate several types of certificates including birth certificates, academic transcripts, marriage certificates, national IDs, and passports among others.

Why Choose Certified Translation Services Vancouver

We pride ourselves on serving our customers with premium translated documents. Whether you have legal or personal documents that you need to be translated, you can count on us. Here is a highlight about our company:

  • Professional Translators
  • We have a team of well-trained and experienced translators who ensure that all projects are well-handled and delivered on time.

  • Quality Assurance
  • We have a Quality Assurance Department that verifies all the translated documents to ensure quality.

  • Emergency Projects
  • Our staff is available to handle all your emergency translations and deliver them within 24 hours of being assigned.

  • Multi-lingual Projects
  • We have a competent project management system that allows for the smooth and timely delivery of multi-lingual projects.

  • Over 200 Translation Languages
  • Our staff is qualified to translate and interpret more than 200 most widely spoken languages in the world.

  • Quality Customer Support
  • We have a committed customer support team that works round the clock to help you with all your concerns.

Our Easy to Follow Certified Translation Process

Our translation process is quick and easy to follow. If you want any of your legal or personal documents translated, you can reach out to us and we will get back to you promptly.

  • Step One:  Online Quote Requestv
  • If you want any of your documents to be translated, you can fill out the quote request form on our website. One of our translators will get back to you and advise you on what needs to be done to have the translation completed. You will need to attach scans of your legal documents or a high-resolution copy of your personal certificates that displays all data. You can be sure that we will get back to you with a budget-friendly quote.

  • Step Two:  Place Your Order
  • Once you have sent us your quote request, we will quickly come up with a quote for you and send you instructions on how to place your order. It is important to note that we have a payment policy in place that we follow; for all legal documents, we will send you an invoice but for personal certificates, we require you to pay upfront.

  • Step Three:  Certified Translation and Quality Assurance
  • Our team of translators is highly skilled and experienced to handle any type of translation project commissioned to them. Once you send in your documents, we will match you with a qualified translator so you can be sure that your translation project will be expertly handled. For more quality translations, our quality assurance team will check the translated documents to ensure that they are of the highest standard possible.

  • Step Four:  Certified Translation Sent by E-scan
  • Once we have completed the project, we will send you an e-scan for you to go through and highlight any areas that require to be changed or modified. If you are satisfied with the results, we will proceed to send you the hard copy by mail or courier services. All documents will be delivered to your home, office, or business address.

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