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Seattle — One Hip City

While Seattle's fellow west coast hub — Los Angeles — garners most of the international attention, Seattle has plenty happening too. Home to a rich, proud tradition in the music and performing arts worlds, Seattle is considered to be the birthplace of modern rock and roll and spawned the Starbucks brand, changing coffee culture the world over in the process. The more it has created, the more Seattle has become a desirable place to live, work and visit. Technovate Translations recognizes the unique cultures and influences in Seattle. That's why we're proud to be one of the foremost translation agencies located in the city.

Certified Translation Agency Seattle

We help individuals and businesses that require certified translation services in the Seattle area. From driver’s licenses to marriage certificates you need certified in the USA we have your back. Businesses or law firms that require documents for legal purposes can also be certified. We’ve successfully translated over 30,000 Documents, we can translate yours too.

Popular Seattle Languages – Vietnamese and Chinese are some of the most popular languages we translate in the Seattle. The rise in various ethnic communities has increased the need for understanding and communication.

High Quality ISO 17100 Translation Firm

Technovate Translations Seattle is a certified ISO 17100 translation agency. This certification ensures your corporate translation goes through a specific and rigorous translation process. From ensuring that your translator has at least 5 years of professional translation experience, most will also possess a translation degree and industry experience. After your document is translated it goes to a second translator that is equally qualified to review and make suggestive corrections to the document if needed. Trust Technovate Translations Seattle with your document today.

Top Seattle Industries
Professional/Business Manufacturing Transportation
Finance and Other Services Education & Health Services


  • Seattle is the biggest city in Washington state. Seattle is the American headquarters of Nordstrom,, and Starbucks coffee. It also is home to a monorail and Space Needle, both were built for the World’s Fair of 1962.
  • It is very lucrative to do business in Seattle. The city has lots of water surrounding it, with Lake Washington/Pacific Ocean and Puget Sound to the east and west receptively. The city has about 600,000 residents, and over 3 million people are living in or near the city.
  • Seattle’s economy is a mix of the new economy (comprising technology and internet companies) and old industrial companies.
  • In 2010, Seattle’s GMP hit $231 billion. This put it at position 11 of the largest metropolitan economies in the U.S.


  • Seattle is known for its food processing, especially beverages, vegetables, and fruits. Forest products are also processed here, majorly plywood and lumber. Computer, computer accessories, and other electronic goods are also manufactured in Seattle.
  • Capital Industries, Inc. is a metal fabrication company based in Seattle. It is operated and owned by the Taylor family and has been in business for over six decades. Capital Industries stands out as a top-class manufacturing company, employing about 100 people. They have the expertise, knowledge, experience, and equipment that have helped them to support several industries including aerospace tooling, construction equipment, solid waste, oil and gas, marine, food processing, and heavy trucks.
  • International Lubricants has been recognized globally as a leader in the development and research of synthetic lubricants that serve specialized industries such as cosmetic, agricultural, marine, automotive, and other such industries.


  • Seattle has a complex network of transport system comprising roads and railway. There’s also water and air transport.
  • Link light rail runs from SeaTac Airport to the University of Washington through downtown. There are several stations along the line like at the Capitol Hill, downtown, Pioneer Square, the International District, and the sports stadiums.
  • The Seattle Streetcar comprises two lines. One line is from Capitol Hill through the International District to Pioneer Square. The other one runs from South Lake Union to downtown.
  • The Seattle Monorail is privately owned. It runs from the Space Needle to downtown Westlake Center.
  • If you wish you can also move by buses that can move anywhere within Seattle.


  • Columbia Bank was established over three decades ago. Today, its assets have a value of $2 billion, and there’s another $2 billion in form of deposits.
  • Washington Federal or WaFd Bank, as it is known today, is a portfolio lender and a local bank with more than 200 branches in eight states. It has over thirty-two thousand fee-free ATMs.
  • Banner Bank has existed for over 130 years. Their financial stability and strength are the key reason the bank was named among the top 100 banks in the U.S. The bank has more than 200 branches throughout Idaho, California, Oregon, and Washington. Currently, its assets are valued at over $12.6 billion.
  • Meridian Capital LLC is a trustworthy adviser to entrepreneurs on strategic challenges, mergers and acquisitions, and complex corporate finance matters. They have an experienced team that offers a combination of specific and operational industry, transactions, and financial expertise.
  • Seattle also has over 4,700 lawyers who are qualified and register to practice. Some work for the government while others are in private practice. Many of these lawyers belong to both the Washington State Bar Association and the King County Bar Association. Some leading law firm in Seattle includes Ahlers Cressman & Sleight PLLC, Allen, Hansen & Maybrown P.S., Alston, Courtnage & Bassetti LLP, Ashbaugh Beal LLP, Baker & Hostetler LLP, and Bennett Bigelow & Leedom.


  • Seattle is known globally for its outstanding health services. It is the headquarters of the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Infectious Disease Research Institute, PATH, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. A good deal of global health organizations have their headquarters in Seattle.
  • Seattle has the highest number of university and college graduates in the U.S. The University of Washington in Seattle is known for engineering and computer science programs. The university also researches science and medicine. 
  • Seattle Pacific University is one of the top universities in America. It is a college of distinction known for innovation, academic excellence, career preparation, and student development. It has the best graduate school for clinical and general psychology.
  • Northwest Hospital & Medical Center was established in 1960. It is a non-profit, full-service community hospital that offers therapeutic, surgical, and other medical services.
  • Seattle Children's Hospital is a hospital specializing in infant care, young adults, teens, and children care.
Technovate Seattle Stats (2020)
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Major Schools in Seattle
U of W Seattle U Seattle Pacific U Seattle Central College
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Custom Translation Solutions for Seattle

Since every place has its own needs and quirks, Technovate is focused on providing Seattle with the translation services they need, particularly working with documents related to legal and marketing. Plus, as Seattle houses many software and computer companies, Technovate has translators dedicated to staying up-to-date on the latest trends in those businesses so we can provide the most accurate translations to our clients.

Everything You Need from a Translation Agency

In addition to specialized translations, Technovate provides a wide range of solutions in all areas including:

  • Legal Translation (Contracts, Legal Filings, Deposition Documents, Patents, more)
  • Marketing Translation (Business, Marketing, Advertisements, Contests, General)
  • Certified Translation (All Documents for Governmental and Legal Purposes)
  • Complex Translation (Engineering, User and Software Manuals and projects requiring translation team)
  • Website and Software translation and Localization
  • Foreign language desktop publishing and graphic design
  • Overnight or Emergency translation
  • Live interpretation

Uncompromising Dedication

Technovate Translations Seattle has a team of dedicated translation specialists who are native speakers of more than 200 languages, including Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish, all of which are commonly spoken by people working within the Seattle business community. Whether online or by phone, there is someone from Technovate available to help you with your project. Call us today to speak to a Seattle specialist who can help you get the best translation possible.