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Vancouver — The Pacific Port

More than a century ago, Western Canada was finally connected to the rest of the country when the Trans Continental Railroad was completed, its end coming in Vancouver. The city was then, and remains today, a burgeoning port, the largest on Canada's west coast and a beacon of trade and commerce with the United States and Asia. Its many offerings have made Vancouver an attractive port-of-call for Canadian immigrants from the Pacific and tourists looking to take in its breathtaking mountains, fields and rivers.

Vancouver is also one of Canada’s largest and most important business communities. It houses some of Canada’s largest businesses in different industries. Technovate Translations recognizes the diverse populations in Vancouver and the need of the business community. That's why we built one of the foremost translation agencies in Vancouver, to serve all those who need accurate, efficient translation to keep connected.

Despite having major industries one staple service for us is Legal Translation in Vancouver.  We service some of the largest law firms in Vancouver and provide complete certified translation services.

If you're a law firm in Vancouver looking for legal translation - Just call and we're here!

The following data and information looks at Vancouver and how Technovate Translations existence within that framework:


Top Vancouver Industries
Construction Film and Television High Technology
Forestry Fisheries & Aquaculture


  • Vancouver’s innovation corridor, the Cascadia Corridor is anchored by the leading tech markets in Canada and the US such as Microsoft. It is the place where opportunities and ideas come from.
  • Vancouver has a training ground for mixed, virtual and augmented reality. These trainings are conducted at the British Columbia Institute of Technology.
  • Security brought to a new level. Duff Reid, Eric Parusel, and Warren Roy founded a SaaS firm called Global-Relay, a company that focuses on electronic data management.
  • Vancouver is home to The University of British Columbia (UBC), the university which hosts the Van de Graff atomic generator, an installation that led to the creation of the first nuclear facility in Canada.


  • Vancouver is incorporated under Vancouver Charter. This grants the city more powers than other British Columbia municipalities.
  • The city is governed by a 9-member School board, an 11-member Vancouver City council, and a 7-member Park Board. They all serve four-year terms.
  • The budget of Vancouver comprises an operating and a capital component. An increase in the budget is funded through community amenity contributions and an increase in property taxes.
  • Vancouver is a member of a regional government, the municipality of Metro Vancouver. Metro Vancouver comprises one treaty First Nation and 22 municipalities.
  • Federal and Provincial representation. Vancouver is represented by 11 MLAs in the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia. The city is represented by six members of Parliament in Canada’s House of Commons.
  • There’s a police department in Vancouver with 1,327 sworn members. The police departments include dog squad, marine squad, and bicycle squad.


  • Vancouver is home to Vancouver General Hospital (VGH), the second largest hospital in Canada. The hospital has 40 outpatient clinics, 21 operating rooms, and one emergency department.
  • Mount Saint Joseph is a health facility that offers ambulatory care services, acute care, emergency services, and diagnostic services. It has a 100 bed unit to care for elderly people.
  • St. Paul’s Hospital offers acute care, surgical programs, lung and heart services, elder care, kidney care, critical care, emergency services, mental health, and HV/AID services. It is also a teaching and research hospital.
  • Vancouver has five public universities, with the largest being Simon Fraser University (SFU) and the University of British Columbia (UBC).
  • University of British Columbia is popular for courses such as Geography, mineral and mining engineering, and sports-related subjects.
  • Simon Fraser University is one of the top research-intensive universities in Canada. The university has established four research units including Community-based Research, New Materials and Technology for Sustainability, Health Technology and Health Solutions, and Big Data.
  • Vancouver hosts the headquarters for Vancity and HSBC. The Big Five Canadian banks have a presence in Vancouver.
  • Vancouver’s financial center holds the 18th position globally according to the Global Financial Centres Index of 2018.
  • By 2018, the city had approved about 90 townhouse units and over 4,500 condominium apartments.
  • The city has 816 social housing units operating in 11 buildings.
  • Approximately 18 percent of the rental houses in Vancouver comprise family-sized units.
  • In Vancouver, there are three main types of insurance: property insurance (for tenant’s improvements, buildings, equipment, and stock), liability insurance (for third party claims) and business interruption insurance (for events that slow or stop your business).
  • You can pay the insurance policy monthly installments or in two or three payments.


Technovate Vancouver Stats (2020)
Businesses Served Projects Main Industries Main Docs Translated
589 3178 High Technology
Software Translation
Marketing Docs
User Manuals
Legal Docs


Major Schools in Vancouver
UBC SFU Capilano University Langara College
Computer Science
Biomedical Physiology
Health Sciences
Business Admin.
Motion Picture Arts
Applied Engineering


Staying in the Loop

One of the most rewarding, but difficult, parts of running a business in a place that is home to a diverse cultural population is servicing people who speak and work in a number of different languages. Businesses in communities like Vancouver have a workforce whose first language is not English. Similarly, businesses have customers around the world and want to ensure their product is easy to use and understandable in as many countries as possible. Hence, when it comes to document translation, complex specialty translation, shipping and receiving waybills, cost estimation for work to be done and even overnight or emergency translation, the quality of the final product is paramount to successful business relationships.

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For our clients in Vancouver, Technovate Translations provides a flexibility and expertise that makes us the premier choice for technical, legal and marketing translation service. Our technical translators are native speakers of more than 200 languages, who understand the unique challenges facing the business community of Vancouver as an international port of travel, tourism and commerce. That understanding allows us to get to the root of a client's needs and provide them with exactly the translation they're looking for.

Experts in Service

Technovate is proud to work with a roster of more than 7,000 translators, so no matter what job needs to be done or the deadline that needs to be met, Technovate has the means to meet it. With translators from a variety of backgrounds, there is one to step in and serve any purpose. The Vancouver office of Technovate Translations is the first, best choice for fast, effective translation service in Canada's port city.