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When it comes to seeking a French translation company that provides high-quality, reliable, efficient and trustworthy services, then you have come to the right place. Technovate Translations is a translation and interpretation agency in Calgary, Canada, trusted by thousands of clients, businesses, local businesses, government agencies, and organizations worldwide.

Technovate Translations provides French Translations Services in Calgary, Canada. With French to English Translations Services and English to French Translations Services, we will provide you with highly efficient, accurate, and certified translation services at reasonable prices for your business documents, user manuals, financial documents, and technical documents.

With French being one of Canada’s official languages as well as a big language around the world, businesses in Calgary are regularly translating materials into French in order to make their products and services to many more people.

Certified Translation French to English Translation Services and English to French Translation Services in Calgary

Businesses in Calgary are using translation to grow their market reach not only to the French-speaking population in Canada but also into Europe and Africa. Language is what bridges markets and cultures and extends the arms of business for the betterment of a company’s purpose.

Here are the types of French translation documents that we translate:

Marketing Translation

These documents showcase a business and its services. From press releases to product descriptions to presentations, translation helps propagate your company’s message to French-speaking countries.

Technical Translation

Manufacturers produce new versions of their products on a regular basis and need translation of the products that they sell to the French-speaking world. Our experience has seen us translate over 4,000 technical user manuals over the past 10 years.

Financial Translation

Whether we work with banking and financial institutions that use specialized vocabulary or press releases for an IPO, or a circular offering, our specialized translators will ensure the right terminology is used.

Legal Translation

Our translation firm is translators for law firms in the Calgary area that need a certified legal translation. Our experienced translators are able to ensure complete accuracy using the highest standards in the industry.

Certified French Translation Services in Calgary, Canada

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How do Technovate Translations do the French Translation Services

Technovate Translations is ISO 17100 certified. This means we employ stringent standards that ensure the highest quality in translation. From translator selection to our quality control process, we make sure that every project that is delivered meets our exacting standards.

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