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Interpreter Services

Technovate Translation is proud to offer real-time interpretation services in addition to our professional translation services. Our interpretation service differs from our translation service because it occurs in real time, typically in a live one-on-one setting. Interpretation occurs in many settings, and among these some of the most common are:

Each of these is explained in detail on our types of interpretation page. At Technovate Translations our focus is on our clients and their needs. That´s why when using our interpretation service you can always count on us to deliver:

  • Over 200 languages and dialects
  • Guaranteed industry quality
  • Locally qualified interpreters
  • Linguists who are native speakers of the language
  • Coverage for a complete range of industries
  • Emergency availability

We provide services for a large number of industries, agencies, and businesses, including:

  • Business meetings and delegations
  • Legal and law firms
  • Insurance firms
  • Medical and hospital facilities
  • Government and social services


Interpretation Services TechnovateTranslations

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If you have a question about the Interpreter Services, check our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page for more information.