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Types of Interpretation

There are different types of interpretation that you may be interested in scheduling. Here are the types of interpretation we offer:

Face to Face – Real-time interpretation is extremely important, and it is one of the most common requests we receive from our clients. This requires a physically present third party interpreter to verbally interpret each partys spoken words after the individual has spoken. Our partner law firms request this for discovery as well as court related interpreting throughout North America. This is also common when companies are hosting clients or business delegations.

Over the Phone – Commonly known by the abbreviation OPI, over the phone interpretation uses sophisticated call centre technology to help you quickly match your needs with interpreters. At Technovate Translations over the phone interpretation occurs via a three-way conference call. This type of interpretation is particularly appropriate and common in fields such as social services and in two-way business meetings and negotiations when parties are trying to understand one another and fluid communication is key. If you know that you will be needing this service, we can arrange for interpreters to be on standby or available for your needs.

Video Interpreting – This type of interpretation involves the use of video because the various parties are not physically together but are seeing each other through video conferencing, and an interpreter needs to be present in a capacity similar to over the phone interpretation. In many cases a videoconferencing application like Skype of Facetime can and is used for this type of interpretation.

Simultaneous – this type of interpretation is the most complex and the most involved to set up. It requires the interpreter to interpret orally and at the same rate of speech as the speaker. This usually occurs at conferences. In such situations, interpreters will typically sit inside booths with headsets and speak into microphones that attendees hear through headphones so they are able to understand the speaker at the conference while he or she is speaking.


At Technovate Translations we work hard to provide a seamless interpretation experience.
Contact our interpretation department to find out how we can help make the communication at your next meeting smoother. Our interpreters are professional and locally qualified.