Legal Translation Services

legal translation services Legal Translation Services

Our legal translation division has helped hundreds of law firms and internal company legal departments with the following legal solutions:

  • Certified Translation
  • Interpretation
  • Deposition Translation Support
  • Patent Translation
  • Legal Term Directory
  • Legal documents come in many forms—including patents, litigation matters, insurance policies and claims, futures contracts, shareholders' agreements and so many more. What all of these documents have in common is that they are enforceable in a court of law. As a result, these documents must have a single, governing interpretation that can be upheld in a courtroom. Don't let a bad translation cause you legal nightmares due to mistakes, misinterpretations, or differences in meaning. Instead, turn to Technovate Translations, a company dedicated to translating legal documents accurately so they mean the same thing in the source language and the destination language as well.

    Legal document translation projects at Technovate are only handled by experienced specialists!

    Our translation specialists speak more than 150 languages and have the experience and the skills to work with your legal documents no matter what language they are written in or what language you need them translated into. When you order a translation from us, your document will be prepared by a native speaker of the language it is being translated into in order to guarantee that your document will be accurate, fluid, and correct in every detail. Using only native speakers helps guarantee that every idiom and culturally or linguistically specific aspect of your document is accounted for, producing the best and most accurate and fluid translation possible.

    Sometimes our clients need documents translated over holidays or weekends… do you?

    Legal Translation Services

    But Technovate Translations goes a step further. We employ a second translator to review the work of the first in order to guarantee that your translation is the best it can be. This second layer of quality control helps set our translation service apart, and we back up our service with powerful customer service. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day to take your orders and to answer your questions, including real time status updates on your order.

    Some types of Legal Translations you may need:

    • Annual Reports
    • Bond And Equity Research
    • Corporate Minutes
    • Distribution And Underwriting Agreements
    • Financial Statements
    • Futures Contracts
    • Initial Public Offerings
    • Insurance Policies And Claims
    • Investment Proposals
    • Investor Updates
    • Litigation Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Prospectuses
    • Legal Contracts
    • Shareholders' Agreements
    • Lease Agreements
    • Service Agreements
    • Power of Attorney forms
    • Privacy Policy
    • Construction & Contractor Forms
    • Copyright
    • Patent Translation
    • Affidavits
    • User Agreement
    • Prenuptial Agreements, etc…

    Trust Technovate Translations' certified legal translation service for all your firm's legal documents!