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As a translation agency with a long and successful track record you know that we can help with many types of documents. Although we primarily service businesses with technical translation manuals and projects we also help the community at large when certified translation is needed. There are a variety of documents that people need to translate when immigrating to the USA or Canada from their native country. Some of these include but not limited to:

Birth Certificates Visas
Marriage Certificates Estate Document
Divorce Decrees Police Reports
Death Certificates Foreign Driver's Licenses
Passports Academic Transcripts
Affidavits Medical Records and Reports
Curriculum Vitae/Resumes National Identity Cards
Immigration - USCIS Acceptance Power of Attorney
Real Estate Documents University Diplomas

In translating thousands of these documents we’ve created a system that works best to deliver an efficient translation and deliver it quickly.

Certified Translation Process: Steps You Need to Know

A certified translation refers to a translated document backed by a signed statement from a translator affirming its accuracy. This means that the translator has accepted responsibility for the accuracy of the translated document and that it is a true reflection of the original document but in a language of your choice. The statement also affirms the translator’s qualifications

Certified translation may also mean the document has been translated by a certified language service provider or a licensed translator. Either way, these translations are necessary when submitting legal and government documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, court transcripts, immigration documents, adoption agreements, and business contracts

The United States and Canada have varying rules when it comes to certified translation requirements. However, both require a stamp/seal that includes the certification number of the translator who translates the certificate/document. The purpose behind this seal/stamp is to ensure that the translation can be trusted and be easily verified.

At Technovate Translations, we offer certified translation services in Canada and the United States. We have certified translators experienced in translating a wide range of legal and government documents into the language of your choice. Here are the steps involved in our certified translation process:

1.   Quotation Request – Scanning your Documents

The first step involves the clients placing their quotation request. Depending on the document and the country of origin there can be a lot of handwriting and text on the document. We ask for a clear and legible copy in-order for us to quote you accurately. We find a high quality scan or picture from a recent cell phone with high resolution will help us read these documents clearly. 99% of these quotes are returned on the same day to the quote requester. Our process allows you to do everything from the comfort of your home. Our quote is returned with easy instructions on how to proceed

2.   Quotation Sent – Along with Instructions to Proceed

You will receive an estimate cost via email. Instructions will be included on how to proceed and how to make payment if you wish to proceed. We remain open at any time for any questions you have. We’ve translated 1000s of certified documents.

3.   Translation Order Placed

Once you place your order our own internal process begins. It’s as simple as waiting per the quotation and if there are any questions with ambiguity we will communicate with you.

4.   Certified Translator Selection

All our certified translation jobs are assigned to highly experienced certified translators. Whether you want to translate a visa application document, a marriage certificate, or a court transcript, our able translators have the credentials to deliver the perfect results. Our experience allows us to undertake any document and how to handle any situation that may come up.

5.   Translation Process

The translation process will begin in earnest without any delay to ensure we meet set timelines. A certified translator will work on your project and we don’t take any chances when it comes to delivering quality work.

Our biggest strength is paying keen attention to detail when translating any document from the source to the target language. Crucial points our translators consistently consider during the translation process include:

certified translation services
  • Sentence structure
  • Spelling and punctuation
  • Grammar and syntax
  • Collocation
  • Tautology and correct terminology
  • Tense usage
  • Appropriate register
  • Layout and presentation

6.   Review and Editing

Our certified process involves a review of the translation and making changes to these translations as these are identified. Every one of our translations are reviewed for improvement to ensure you get accurate translations.

7.   E-Scan Sent by Email

After proofreading and editing your translated document, our team will send you a scanned copy via email for review. At this stage, you have the chance to make any changes to the document as you deem fit. Remembering that how the document appears will be how you will print it out. If everything looks good to you we send you a hard copy by mail/courier for presentation to the government, court, immigration department, etc. If you need anything changed this is the time to tell us so we can send you the adjusted hard copy

8.   Hard Copy of Certified Translation Sent

The final step is producing a hard copy of your translated government or legal document. This final copy is backed by a signed statement issued by our certified translator to guarantee that every detail is accurate to the best of our knowledge. It also contains a stamp/seal along with the translator’s Association number. The best part is that we do not retain any rights to your document, meaning you can use it in whatever purpose you like.

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Certified translation is a meticulous and complex task that requires the input of a professional. Any slight mistake during the translation process could render your document invalid.

Technovate Translations offer exceptional certified translation services. We provide certified translations of all types of documents. Reach out to get a quick quote.

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