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An Air waybill (AWB) is a legal carriage document given by a transporter that offers details about the goods being transported. It provides detailed info on the contents of the shipment, the terms and conditions, the names of the sender and recipient, and other information.

The Air waybill is non-negotiable and acts as proof of the contract of carriage from airport to airport. The AWB involves three parties—the sender, the recipient, and the airline. The AWB is issued by the International Air Transport Association (IATA).

Before shipping the goods, and AWB must be filled out. Once it has been signed by the shipper and the carrier, it becomes an enforceable contract. As it is a legally binding document between the parties, the details must be clearly and accurately filled.

Being a legally binding document means that you can land in trouble if you overlook the details in an AWB. Luckily, by hiring a legal air waybill translation service you can avoid any such occurrences.

Where can an Air Waybill (AWB) Be Used?

  • As proof of a transport contract made between the shipper and the carrier.
  • As an insurance certificate.
  • As a confirmation of taking over of goods by the carrier.
  • To document evidence of the conclusion of the contract of transportation.
  • Serves as an invoice or freight bill.

Sample Air Waybill

An AWB can be drafted by the expediter, the recipient, or the carrier. If it is a single unit shipment, the airline agent will be the one to write the AWB. In case of grouped shipment, the consolidator writes a House Air Waybill, which is signed by the air company before loading the goods, then hand them over to the shipper. This shipper is responsible for ensuring the exactness of the data and declaration relative to the goods mentioned on the Airwaybill. Usually, the air waybill is produced in three copies: one copy for the transporter, signed by the shipper; a copy for the recipient, signed by the shipper and the transporter; and a copy for the expediter, signed by the transporter.

Below are samples of an air waybill issued by Airways World Cargo and a sample template from GoFreight.

Air Waybill Translation Procedure

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Step 1: Right Translator Match

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Step 2: Quality Control Process

airway bill legal document

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Step 3: Translation Delivery

Once we are through with the translation of your air waybill, we will send you an email containing the scanned copy of the document. We expect that you will peruse the document and communicate any areas that need to be changed or modified. Once you give us the okay, we will deliver to your preferred address the hard copy of the AWB. The certified Air Waybill Translation will bear a stamp that has been verified by a reputable certifying agency.

Certified Translation

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Requesting a Quote for You

If you require legal air waybill translation services, get in touch with us by completing the quote request form on our website. Once we have received the request, one of our employees will get back to you with details on having your AWB translated. Make sure that you attach scans of your AWB and we work out an affordable quote for you.

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