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Once in a while, you might need to issue a demand letter or even receive one. A demand letter is a formal document issued by one entity to another demanding for payment or any other form of action of restitution. You receive such a document in cases where you in breach of a contract, financial default or have failed to fulfil an obligation.

In most cases, demand letters are written by legal experts and are some of the most commonly used documents in business. They are normally used before the aggrieved entities proceed to sue the defaulter. However, they are not a legal requirement for court proceedings brought up against the recipient.

There are several scenarios whereby you might need to request for some form of compensation in a more in a more formal manner. Such are the situations in which a demand letter comes in handy. However, the letter is often done after other more amicable forms of communication like emails and phone calls have failed to bear any fruit in making the recipient act accordingly.

Sometimes you might be the one receiving the demand letter after defaulting on an obligation. The situation may even get complicated if the demand letter is written in a foreign language that you don’t understand well. In such cases, Technovate will always be at your service to give you top-notch translation within the shortest time possible.

Examples of Demand Letters

Below are two samples of demand letters:

The Process Followed in Translating a Letter of Demand

Our firm takes the quality of our translation services seriously. Hence, we have an elaborate process through which each document being translated has to pass through to achieve the desired quality. The following are three main stages through which we shall take your demand letter while translating it from one language to another.

1. Finding The Right Person for the Job

We have enough highly skilled professional translators who specialise in various languages. Hence, our first step in translating your document automatically becomes the picking of the most qualified person for the job. We have to pick a translator who has enough experience in the both languages that are involved in the translation.

After getting a quote request from you stipulating the kind of translation task that you want to do for you, we immediately commence the translation process. We shall get back to you with a reasonable quote for your translation as soon as possible. Once you acknowledge the quote, we go ahead with the real translation task.

Since your work will be handled by a language specialist who is most qualified to carry out a proper translation, you can rest assured that your task is in the right hands. We ensure that all our tasks are executed in accordance with the acceptable international standards. Our experts not only execute the task in the most professional way but also do it punctually.

2. The Quality Assurance

Our firm give the quality of service first priority. Our meticulous quality assurance department sees to it that documents from all our clients are translated using the highest standards possible. Apart from being highly skilled in various languages, our translators are also endowed with a wealth of experience in diverse professional fields. Most of them are well versed with financial, technical and legal matters.

The wealth of knowledge covering diverse areas enables our translators to offer clear and accurate translation of your demand letter. We pay attention to the finest details, including the most subtle connotations and tones that are only used locally.

For smooth communication and rapid delivery of superior services, we have a 24-hour customer support service that takes care of all our clients’ inquiry needs. Hence, you can be sure of accessing our leading translation services at any time of the day including during emergencies.

legal demand letter document translation

All our translators are also legally accredited by the various government regulatory bodies, making them highly dependable. We also ensure that only native speakers of a given language get assigned any translation work related to the language. We ensure that only those who have a mastery of the slightest distinctions and details of a language deal with it. Knowing how the languages are applied in the local context gives them an added advantage that enables them to meet all the expectations of our customers.

3. Delivery of Translation

Once the translation of your document is ready, we send you an e-scan copy for you to check whether there are any mistakes. If you feel that that there are any parts that need to undergo changes, you can contact us so that we can make the needed final adjustments. Once you are totally satisfied that your document’s translation complete, you will notify us. Lastly, we send a hard copy of the translation to an address of your choice, through email or courier services. The hard copy will carry an official stamp that is verified by the licensing and regulating authorities.

Certified Translation

We always take the quality of our translations quite seriously and see to it that we deliver customised services that meet the needs of our various clients. To ensure that our firm meets all the standards require by law in the North American Region, we have the requisite translation certifications from the relevant regulating bodies.

All our translators in Canada are duly certified by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO). Other than having the ISO 17100 certification (the highest possible translation quality assurance certification) our firm is also accredited by the American Translators Association (ATA). This gives us the legitimacy and trustworthiness to freely offer our services in North America and beyond.

Requesting for a Quote

If you have a demand letter that needs translation, you need to fill out our quote request form, which can be accessed on our company website. One of our staff members will get back to you and guide you on what is expected of you for your task to be done. You will be needed to attach clear scans of the articles of the demand letter and high-resolution copies of any accompanying documents. We then get back to you with a budget-friendly quote.

Why you need to Trust Us with Your Translation

Technovate is known for high-quality translation of all types of documents. This is made possible by our devoted quality assurance department which maintains the highest standards possible. Our staff is also highly skilled in their various fields of specialisation and the languages assigned to them.

The fact that they are native speakers, they understand the finest tones in the languages assigned to them. This enables them to offer accurate and prompt translations. Our responsive customer support services remain open all round the clock. This makes it possible for us to handle emergency translation services at any given time of the day, and deliver results within 24 hours.

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