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A love contract refers to a document that limit's the liability of a person whose employees are romantically involved with each other. Romance in the workplace is almost unavoidable.

It's almost impossible to stop two people who work together from falling in love. Workplace affairs are quite common. A study conducted in 2019 reveals that around 58 percent of all employees confirmed that they have been in office romance.

Sadly, office or workplace romance can end badly for everyone. In some instances, one or more parties raise retaliation or sexual harassment claims. Without a love contract in place, the employer can be in deep trouble.

Love Contracts are Voluntary

Most firms don't force their employees to sign a love contract, which is also known as relationship contract. Usually, this contract is voluntary. However, it is highly necessary in such surroundings.

In it, the parties in a romantic relationship confirm that they are in it voluntarily. At times, especially when breakups occur, some of the parties may claim their former lovers forced them into these types of relationships.

Consequently, employers could then present the love contract document stating that the two lovers were in the relationship voluntarily. Essentially, the contract is a piece of evidence that employers can present to extricate themselves from legal dilemmas.

Love Contracts: Are They Good or Bad?

For as long as the workplace has been around, humans have always fallen in love at the office. People who interact daily for long hours at a time are eventually likely to develop strong romantic feelings for each other.

Naturally, romantic associations don't require much policing. Opponents of love contracts believe that these documents are a bit awkward. In their belief, the love contract document defines what lovers can or can't do, which appears wrong.

However, there is proof that the contracts are necessary. In the last five years, the world has been shaken to its foundation as stories from #MeToo movement emerged. It has become clear that such contracts are necessary more than before.

Love Contracts Provisions

Whether you prepare the agreement alone or use experts in love contract legal translation, there is no doubt that certain provisions must appear in the document. Some of these provisions include:

  • The relationship is both consensual and voluntary
  • Acknowledge the employer's policies on sexual harassment and retaliation
  • The two employees agree to maintain professionalism while performing their duties
  • The two lovebirds agree to keep off any hint of favouritism or conflict of interest
  • They agree to treat each other respectfully
  • They pledge to inform the Human Resources (HR) department in case the relationship ends

Sign the Love Contract

Therefore, do not hesitate from signing the love contract document as soon as possible. Eventually, you will find it quite useful if ever the other party decides to file harassment claim against you in a court of law.

It's much better to seek help from individuals or firms providing love contract legal translation services to ensure that both of you understand the agreement well. It's much easier to adhere to the stipulations of a contract whose content you know well.

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