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A marriage settlement is a document that is normally written during divorce proceedings. The main aim of each divorce case is to strike an amicable agreement between two spouses. A marriage settlement (also known as a marital settlement agreement) is, therefore, a contract signed by two marriage partners to define the terms of their divorce.

Depending on the situation and the issues involved in each case, the marriage settlement should address a number of issues. Some of the pertinent issues that the document addresses include:

  • Who takes custody of the children, if any, and how is parenting time allocated?
  • Are the spouses willing to have a joint legal custody for the children ?
  • Who will be the parent of primary residence and who will take the alternative residence ?

The parenting plan in the marriage settlement has to be precise. It should come with a regular schedule including one for vacations, holidays as well as other breaks from school. The marriage settlement offers an assurance to each spouse that they will retain the right of access to all important records regarding their children. Such records include health and medical records, as well as those concerning the schooling of the kids.

Provisions to see to it that each spouse retains the right to continue being involved in the children’s school functions and events, must be included. Such activities should include sporting events and extracurricular activities. All issues or special circumstances concerning the children ought to be addressed in the document.

The Process of Translation of a Marriage Settlement

Step 1 – Finding the Right Translator

Our team of highly skilled translators is competent and well-equipped to perform all types of translation. Once you send your marriage settlement to us, we assign it to the right expert for translation. Hence, you can rest assured that your document will be expertly translated and delivered to you within the agreed timelines. Our quality assurance department sees to it that all translated documents are handled by people who are most qualified for the job. Hence, we carefully choose the right translator for each particular task.

Step 2 – Quality Control Process

Our translation experts come with experience in different spheres, including the financial and legal fields. This fact can assure you that the people who will translate your affidavit are not only qualified language professionals but experienced legal minds too. Consequently, they can offer quality and accurate translations within the shortest time possible.

We have an elaborate procedure for translation, which ensures that all documents get handled professionally. Besides, we have a round-the-clock customer support service to facilitate seamless communication and prompt delivery of translation services. Hence, you can easily access our services at any given time whenever you need them.

To ensure that we meet our clients’ needs and expectations, we see to it that each of our translators is a native speaker of the language in which he or she works. This fact means that they have a great mastery of the slightest nuances and complexities of the language. They also understand well the various aspects of language usage in different local dialects and contexts.

Step 3 – Translation Delivery

On completing the translation project, we send you an e-scan copy of the marriage settlement for your perusal. It will enable you to point out any parts that should be modified or changed. Once you are okay with the outcome of the translation, we email you the hard copy or send it through courier services to an address of your choice. The hard copy is a certified translation bearing a stamp validated by one of the relevant certifying authorities. The validation is a mark of quality and assurance to our clients that their work has been done using the acceptable standards.

Marriage Settlement Document

Certified Translation

Our firm takes quality very seriously and ensures that our clients get value for their money. Hence, we always make sure that our translators get the certification of the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO). Our firm is also duly certified by the American Translators Association (ATA), besides being ISO 17100 certified. These are some of the highest translation and interpretation certifications internationally. Such recognitions do not only give us legitimacy and credibility but also enable us to perform globally recognised translation of any legal documents.

Requesting a Quote for You

Any time you have a marriage settlement that needs translation, you only need to fill out our quote request form, which is available on our company website. One of our officials will get back to you with more instructions on what you need to do to have your document successfully translated. You will be required to attach clear scans of the marriage settlement and high-resolution copies of any accompanying certificates. Once that is done, we shall get back to you with a reasonably-priced quote.

Why Trust Technovate with Your Translation?

Some of the main reasons why you can trust Technovate include the following:

It is not by chance that Technovate offers the best legal document translation services because our focus is quality first as an ISO 17100 certified translation service. Our firm’s translation procedure is deliberately elaborate and meticulous since we are required to follow a particular protocol. Therefore, you should have no doubt that your translation work is in the right hands. We shall always give it our best shot and promptly deliver it to your place of choice, without any delays.

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