Articles of Partnership Agreement

Partnership Agreement Document

From time to time we are needed to sign agreements on how to jointly do business. Articles of partnership is a form of contract which constitutes an agreement between business partners, who are ready for a joint business. The partners agree to merge their capital and labour, besides sharing any profits, losses and liabilities of their joint business.

The articles of partnership acts as a set of rules for any limited partnerships. It outlines all the requisite conditions that must be met by the parties entering into the partnership. In other jurisdictions, especially those outside North America, the articles of partnership might also be called a partnership agreement.

Potential Scenario

The most common potential scenario where the articles of agreement can be used is when a group of individuals come together to start a joint business. The document indicates who should take up what duties among the partners. For instance, it specifies who should be responsible for certain major duties such as:

  • Who will keep track of the business’s income and expenses?
  • Who will manage the business inventory?
  • Who makes what decisions?

Additionally, the document might include clauses explaining whether the partners are permitted to work for any other company other than the partnership business.

However, it is worth noting that an articles of agreement is not a compulsory document that is legally needed by any government regulatory body. However, it is considered to be a document which promotes bets practice in business. It comes very much in handy in verting and resolving disputes among business partners. This, it achieves through clarifying the terms of engagement in the partnership, besides describing how the business assets should be shared.

All in all, if you are involved in any partnership business, it is imperative that you fully understand the contents of its articles of partnership. This might necessitate translation of the document into a language that you can easily understand, if your rights are to be fully safeguarded. You don’t have to worry about this since we at Technovate always have your back.

Examples of Articles of Partnership

Below are examples of articles of partnership, written for two different businesses.

The Process of Translating Articles of Partnership

1. Identifying The Right Translator

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2. The Quality Assurance Process

We have a dedicated quality assurance department which sees to it that all documents from our clients are handled using the highest standards possible. All our staff members are not only sufficiently skilled in languages, but also come with a rich experience in different fields. They have additional expertise in financial, technical as well as legal matters.

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3. Delivery of Translation

On finishing the translation work, we send you an e-scan copy of your articles of partnership for you to check it out for any mistakes or omissions. If you feel that that there are any parts that need to undergo changes, you can contact us so that we make any necessary final adjustments. Once you are completely satisfied that your document’s translation meets all your specifications you will notify us. At this point, we shall send a hard copy of the translation to an address of your choice, via email or courier services. The hard copy will carry an official stamp that is sanctioned by the respective certifying and regulating authorities.

Certified Legal Translation

Certified Translation

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