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patent translation servicesPatents are an important way to protect the intellectual property you or your client’s business has worked so hard to develop. But filing a patent in only one country is not sufficient in today's globalized environment to protect your business against unscrupulous duplication. In today's marketplace, you need to file patents internationally in order to ensure that your product is protected wherever it is sold. In order to do so, of course, it's important you have translations of your patent applications and documentation so you can file your international applications in the required languages of submission worldwide.

Types of Patents:

Utility Patent: A utility patent exists to protect a useful (hence “utility”) product, process, or machine that is new or improved. This type of patent, also called an “innovation patent,” restricts the ability of competitors from utilizing or selling the same innovation without the permission of the rights holder.

Provisional Patent: In 1994, the USPTO introduced a 12-month provisional patent allowing for the protection of a product, process, or machine before the applicant provides full schematics and information describing the full operation and scope of the invention. They are less expensive that full utility patents and are designed to give inventors time to research and improve their discovery while still protecting the initial discovery from competition.

Design Patent: A design patent provides protection for the distinct visual attributes of a manufactured product. The design patent serves to protect the decorative or aesthetic appearance of an item rather than its functional purpose and may cover its unique configuration, surface design, or both.

Plant Patent: A plant patent provides protection for a new and unique plant and restricts others from growing the plant without permission or copying its unique attributes.

Trust Technovate Translations patent translation service for the following:

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Technovate Translations offers a range of services that are aimed at helping companies and firms protect their patents worldwide. Our translation services include translating all of the following:

  • Patent applications
  • Description of the invention
  • Patent documentation and filings
  • Patent claims
  • Drawing and explanations
  • Manuals, brochures, and marketing materials of invention
  • And much more!
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Translating these very important documents is not an idle luxury but a vital part of doing business in the twenty-first century. As a result, businesses understand that translations for essential documents like patent filings and applications can't be left to amateurs or, worse, even machines. There are times when only a professional translation will do, and this is one of them. Our professional patent translation service guarantees you the following from our team:

  • Advanced Degrees
  • 7+ Years Translation Experience
  • Internal Quality Control (QC) System
  • Vetted Translators
  • Adherence to Top Industry Standards
  • Extensive Industry Experience
  • Successful Track Record
  • Members of a Translation Organization


As a quality-driven financial translation service, our focus is on following our rigorous processes to ensure a positive client experience every time. Our adherence to trusted industry standards also ensures that your documents are truly accurate and you can have peace of mind presenting your reports to stakeholders. Contact us for free consultation about how we would translate your patent documents. We are easy to do business with, and we sign NDAs if needed. Simply send us your document and we’ll provide you a quote. Whether you’re looking for a document in two weeks or in a few days, contact Technovate Translations first for all your patent translations.

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