Technical User Manual Translation Services

Technical User Manual Translations Services

As corporations expand their reach into new markets and broaden their client base, the need to educate these new customers increase. Manufacturing companies put out well-designed and well-constructed products, but if the client they build these machines for is in another country where the primary language is not English, they can't simply send an English manual along with the product. This is where Technovate Translations comes into the picture.

Why is it not advisable to just send an English manual to your international clients?

  1. High-Level ISO certifications require products come with manuals in the language of country sold
  2. You want to show you care by giving your customer your product's operating manual in their language.
  3. When products are technical, a deeper understanding of how things work is necessary.
  4. It's professional courtesy to a client investing hundreds of thousands in your company's products.

You don't want your manual to be shunted off to the one employee who speaks English at your customer's company in Quebec, Mexico, Brazil or Europe. You want the right people to understand the product and how to use it. It's a simple decision to make when you start thinking about how a knowledgeable customer can refer more business to you.

We've Translated 4000+ Technical Manuals!!!

You're in Good Hands @ Technovate with All Your Manuals!!!

Translation of your manuals is essential. When you choose to translate with us, here is what you get with Technovate Translations. We focus on two things to make the technical manual translation process run smoothly:

  1. Translators with Industry-Specific Experience – This means that the translators working on your project are not only experienced translators but have specific industry experience and the right background knowledge for your project.
  2. Elite Project Management – These technical projects are more complex in nature and sometimes involve putting together a team. Our most experienced project managers will pilot the project for your company. They ensure that the project is running smoothly by working to ensure translation understanding for accuracy.

These projects follow our technical translation process to ensure we're keeping with the highest standards set by the translation industry. You can see this process here.

We've worked with so many different types of products:

Timelines are important for delivering a shipment-ready manual. We're very comfortable with timelines. Our system of organizing our translators keeps us ahead, and we've worked with tight deadlines. No matter your deadline, we understand that business runs on its own schedule and we work with your team to ensure your manual can ship in the same box/crate/container as your product, so when your customer receives the product they also receive the manual. That's the ultimate win-win situation for your international client.

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