Heavy Equipment Machinery Technical Manuals

Heavy Equipment Machinery Technical Manual Translation

Heavy equipment machinery translation is increasingly vital in an age in which the global construction equipment sector has grown explosively in the past decade and promises to continue to do so into the foreseeable future. In the intensely competitive construction, mining and farming industries, providing a manual in the language of the country machinery is sold in is not only necessary but also needed to pass regular certification audits. These documents are complex and having separate moving parts that we navigate to provide a print-ready document for your client.

What language does your technical manual need to be translated into?

Technovate Translations offers world-class translation services for firms that need technical manuals for heavy equipment machinery done properly the first time, with consideration of the audience to whom the manual is directed. We have produced more than 4000 technical manuals for hundreds of mid-sized and large companies and dozens of those companies are involved with heavy equipment. Areas that distinguish Technovate from others are our exhaustive quality control process, an attentive and professional staff, and a firm commitment to meet each and every need of its clients.

Auxiliary Areas We Handle with Technical Manuals

Certification Process – Machines need certification, and a technical manual in the language of the countries it’s being sold into is part of that process. We’ll work with you to meet the requirements needed for certification within translation.

HMI Screens – These heavy machines have display monitors that are used in their operation. This text is translated and can also be part of a software program that we can handle and translate into any language required.

Safety Decals – These safety warnings are important to your customers and offer protection of best practices and are printed and delivered with the manual.

Desktop Publishing – We’ll replicate your manual in whatever software program it was created in. Whether you use Adobe InDesign, FrameMaker, Word, Publisher or more, we can help.

A few areas we pride ourselves on:

ISO 17100 certification – Our process and procedures are predicated by our standards, and this ensures that quality is kept at the highest level.

Experienced Account Management – With more than 15 years’ experience and 4,000+ technical manuals, we have seen every situation imaginable and will help you avoid pitfalls so your manual translation is a smooth process.

Translator Selection – This is the step we prioritize. We ensure the right person with the right experience is translating your technical manual. We’ll test translators and then double-check. By starting the translation process with the right translator, we avoid issues on the backend.

Track Record of On-Time Delivery – When we quote a technical manual project, we estimate the time needed for all the necessary steps and establish a precision timeline that allows us to deliver your translated manual on-time and on-budget.

Get started today by emailing our staff with the details of your translation project. Let one of our skilled account managers take you through the process and let our industry-leading internal processes and quality control give you the translation experience that will make you come back again and again.

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