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marketing translation services Marketing Translation

The art of marketing requires a deep understanding of the audience you're trying to reach. As businesses become increasingly global, that means developing an insider's knowledge of each territory where you expand your business. Because most of the world speaks a language other than English, translation has become essential for marketing in these new markets. But translating marketing materials is never as simple as translating marketing materials word-for-word into a new language. Instead, you need the power of Technovate Translations.

Marketing Translation errors occur - ensure your company doesn't look foolish.

Technovate Translations uses translators who are native speakers of the languages spoken by the audiences you want to reach. This means that they have the insider knowledge needed to understand what works in the culture of your audience and what does not. As a result, the marketing translations Technovate Translations produces are not just fluid and accurate but also culturally appropriate, targeting audiences by speaking to them in terms they understand and idioms that they can accept and appreciate.

When you order a marketing translation from Technovate Translations, you'll receive a carefully considered, culturally appropriate translation crafted by a native speaker of your target language. But we go a step further. We submit your marketing translation to a second native speaker of your target language for a careful review. This quality control system ensures that your marketing translation is accurate and appropriate for your audience. And, as always, we back up our translations with our powerful customer service, including client services representatives who are standing to take your order and answer any questions you may have.

Let your marketing translations shine and do what they're supposed to…

  • Marketing material
  • Employee brochures
  • Informational Brochures
  • Media kits
  • Press Packets
  • Advertising
  • Advertisement contracts
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Studies
  • Product campaigns
  • Technical Marketing
  • Promotional Messages
  • Advertisement slogans
  • Marketing and Presentations
  • Convention Materials
  • Banner texts
  • Flyers
  • Labels
  • Catalogs
  • Posters, etc…

Order our marketing translation services and your marketing message will be in great hands