e-Learning Translation Services

e-learning Translation Services

e-Learning and virtual learning environments have become the new normal in most corporate and educational institutions. From university classrooms to corporate education and training sessions, e-learning gives an immeasurable level of flexibility and reaches learners worldwide. As our world moves towards a more e-commuting environment after the COVID-19 pandemic e-learning has taken off as the go to mode for training and learning environment.

At Technovate, our translation process involves not just accurate translation but transcreation and localization services as well. It is important to ensure that your material is properly handled by our highly skilled translators. It’s vital to start with the final edited version of your document to ensure that the translation is also a direct reflection of the e-learning documentation.

High Quality e-Learning Translation

For you to make an impact and compete internationally, it is essential to bridge language barriers between you and international clients. As global markets continue to open, client bases are growing and companies must adapt and e-learning provides a way for companies to be efficient in the way they provide this support.

Diverse and Unique E-Learning Projects

Diverse and unique projects are our specialty. No matter the format, tone style or format of your project, our network has all the necessary tools to meet and exceed your expectations. We are experienced and specialized in a wide range of market sectors and subject topics like manufacturing, medicine, science, finance and more.

Here are the type of e-learning documents you might need translated:

  • Computer and web-based training
  • Mobile learning
  • Instructor led training
  • Blended learning
  • Learning management systems (LMS)
  • On-screen Text Translation
  • Script Translation
  • Audio Voiceovers
  • Subtitling Services

Our reliable customer care policy has enabled us to build a strong relationship with many e-learning clients both globally and locally. Whether you need your project done with urgency or within a week, we will competently handle your project, upholding our professional and ISO 17100 standards.

Technovate, has experienced and professional subject matter expert translators that have at least 5 years professional translation experience. Our translators are experts in your target language, ensuring an accurate and professional translation. Apart from translators, we also have specialists in typesetting and desktop publishing, making the entire e-learning translation process easier. We also have many years of experience in localizing sophisticated e-learning projects. From academic e-learning courses to corporate documentation meant for engineer training.

Choose Us! If you are looking for the best e-learning translator, Technovate is the company for you. Contact us and tell us a bit more about your project so we can provide you with a customized solution that is catered specifically for your project ensuring a great outcome.

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