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Life Sciences Translations

Life Sciences Translation Services An umbrella subject area with a diverse sub-section of topic areas all complex in nature. Life sciences translation covers the biological and medical sciences. This field of study is essential to the development of new and better ways to enhance life. Our translation specialists hold degrees in the field to better translate this important area.

Life sciences translation covers the field of biological science, with a special focus on human medicine, biotechnology, and medical appliances. Life science translation was born as a result of massive innovation and technological transition in the medical field that cuts across the board.

The fast-paced world of today is in a state of constant change, with technology at the center of the revolution in almost all spheres of our lives. Advancements in biotech are resulting in dependable, accurate, and reliable techniques in the medical field.

Life sciences give a wider and far-reaching approach to disciplines and innovations that are life-changing, allowing innovators to share their knowledge with the entire world. Life science phenomena have come of age, drastically evolving with the industry over time.

Entities that practice life sciences should be vetted and certified under ISO, with a team of experts and professionals equipped with skills and knowledge to perform their prescribed and required duties. Subject areas like medical that cover broad disciplines like medical devices, healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceutical should only be translated by qualified translators and experienced in the subject matter in question.

Life Sciences Translation Services

The most common areas we’ve translated in life science include the following;

  • Clinical trials translations, including CT documentation
  • Linguistic validation
  • User manual
  • Labeling and packaging translation

Each life science translation firm should ensure they can offer the following services to their clients requiring translation services;

  • Specified localization meeting the intended local requirements throughout the world
  • Provide certificates of accuracy
  • Verification of individual life science translators
  • Provide specific solutions to healthcare providers
  • Provide technical marketing copy services
  • Offer instructions for use, user manuals and the labeling of translations
  • Provide a standby linguistic review panel to offer guidance when required

Translation firms providing life science translation should be efficient, dependable, trustworthy, and be able to provide these services at the highest levels. Timely translation service delivery is important as well as compliance to ensure proper medical translation assistance. Technovate Translations has both proper experience and translators to provide the service standards to provide exceptional life sciences translation.

ISO Quality management in Life Science Translation

Life science translators who work with Technovate are detailed and efficiently minded. More importantly they follow our ISO 17100 certification ensuring a high-quality and guaranteeing efficiency and accuracy. This certification is our guiding compass from how we choose translators to the steps and procedures we choose to follow at the minimum.

The next time you choose to translate your life science material contact Technovate and hire us to ensure your translation is accurate and your project is delivered in a timely manner.

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