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Patent Translation Services Patent translation is the process of translating a patent application into another language to be accessible internationally. When it comes to patent translation, Technovate Translations understands that subject expertise and accuracy are key to an optimal translation experience, especially when highly valuable business decisions are at stake.

Patent Translation by Technovate

At Technovate, we assign our patent translation work to translators with both subject matter experience and technical degrees including PhD, MSEE or MD in science, engineering, computer science or medicine. We ensure that all our patent translators translate only into their respective native languages. Every patent translator goes through a background check to ensure they have extensive background in the specific subject matter of the patent and not only in technical translation.

For instance, all our editors and patent translators working on translating a biochemistry patent application from Japanese to English are native English speakers and specialists in biochemistry. They also hold PhD degrees or MS degrees in biochemistry from a recognized institution. In addition, most of them have minimum five years of experience while the vast majority have ten plus years of professional translation experience.

Translation of Patents for Information vs. Filing

There are certain situations when a patent needs to be translated only for information. This is mostly required when translating patents for investigation or litigation. Translating a patent for information is a more literal translation and closely follows the sequence, style and content of the original patent. When translating a patent for filing purposes, it is important for translators to understand the differences in practice, regulation and statutes between Trademark Office (USPTO) and US Patent, the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) and the European Patent Office (EPO).

Our Selective Patent Translation Services

There are some situations where a patent attorney doesn't need a full translation of the technical document or patent in question. All they may be looking for is relevant prior art that is familiar enough to want the claims translated.

We offer selective translation services that are tailored to meet your specific and unique requests. Whether it is translating a table of contents, abstract, headings, lead paragraphs, identification of terms or claims that are vital to the client. Our selective patent translation services are available in over 200 languages.

Patent Translation vs. Patent Gisting

When you must find out certain information about the contents of a patent document and you don't have the time to translate the entire document, our patent gisting services will be of great help. All you have to do is provide us with a list of specific questions about the chosen patent. Once we get them, our experienced translators with technical background in the subject matter of the patent will scan the documents and provide you with answers to your selected questions.

We also provide the translations of paragraphs or specific claims that are more pertinent to your question. We offer our patent services at competitive rates and professional service.If you are looking for professional patent translation services from skilled experts, then Technovate is the agency to hire. We remain the best in the industry for our adaptability to our client’s needs.

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