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Interpreter Services

Interpretation is the intellectual activity that consists of facilitating oral or sign language communication, either simultaneously or consecutively, between two or more speakers who are not speaking the same language.

The word interpreter refers to the practitioner who helps people to converse in different languages or in sign language. Interpreters must convey all the elements of the language, along with the intentions and feelings of the original, source language speaker. In fact, the service provides a unique platform in the stage of spoken communication. It helps the listeners to hear, perceive, and experience the message in a way that is as close as possible to the experience of those who understand the original, source language.

 Language Interpreter Services

Technovate Inc. provides interpreter services which helps in understanding communication and includes oral interpreting assignments in settings such as medical, legal, mental health, employment, educational, civil and recreational situations. The task of interpreting is a separate skill which helps in learning sign language, and requires many years of practice to become proficient. Hiring a skilled interpreter assures professionalism, expertise and equal accessibility. Interpreting, simply stated, is receiving a message in one language and delivering it in another. Interpreting is a complex process that requires a high degree of linguistic, cognitive and technical skills.

The need for such services has grown steadily due to the efforts made in understanding the awareness of the service, its effectiveness, and the implications. They serve both hearing and deaf, in need of securing a sign language interpreter. Communication is a two way street. The interpreters enable different people to access communication with deaf people as well. The interpreter services at Technovate Inc. also provides advocacy for deaf clients, training opportunities for interpreters and serves as an informational resource throughout.


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