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Software Translation Services

Software Localization  Software Translation Services

Localization involves taking an internationalized product
and customizing it for a specific market.

The software industry is so large that to properly serve our clients, we provide both software translation and localization services. For our purposes, any software, program or customer experience module should be considered software. The first step should be software translation.

Software localization is a process of translating software user interfaces from one language to another and adapting it to suit a foreign culture.

Software translation will take the text within your strings or code and translate it into the language of your choice. This will allow you to serve new clientele and markets. In many cases a company may have users in other countries and customizing your text helps to increase the bonds between business and customer.

Software LocalizationLocalization comes into play when you decide the language you wish to translate into:

  • What dialect of the language will you use?
  • Where are the people using your software physically located?
  • If you want to target a language like Spanish, are you trying to target the majority of Spanish speakers in the world or are you trying to customize for a particular region?

Knowing this will help us understand the process we must undertake in both translating and localizing your application software.

Applicable Software Translation Scenario

You’re a business operating in North America and have a software program, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software or an app. You find that you not only have English-speaking customers but also Spanish-speaking customers, as well as French speaking customers from Quebec in Canada. You want to customize your customer experience to build a stronger bond and make it easier for them to use your software or application. Here are a few key points when looking for a translation quote:

  • Export your text from your software and enter it into Excel or a compatible spreadsheet file
  • Take graphic parts of your software or App and create wireframes
  • Take the dashboard text and put it on a new sheet in Excel
  • Send it to us via email or, if too large, via download link

Taking these steps will help to export all the text from your software and allow us to give you an accurate quote for translation. We deliver the translated text in Excel, which allows your programmers to export it back and create an exact replica of your software in the language of your choice.

All translators translating software for us are matched with clients according to their industry experience. That way, you receive exceptional expert translation without the need for specialized technical software training because we’re translating text and not modifying code at all.

Software localization

Software localization goes a few steps further by looking at a few things above just translation:

  • Rearranging UI interfaces to local market preferences
  • Advising on regulatory and cultural adaptation issues
  • Compiling the localized files for testing
  • Functional and linguistic quality assurance
  • Handling right-to-left writing systems of Arabic, Hebrew, or Farsi
  • Sorting algorithms for non-Roman character sets
  • Calendar formats, currency and address formats

These are just a few of the areas we review when handling software localization. For almost every application software project, our translation service provides exceptional service and ensures accurate and timely translation.

Reach out to our team and ask us about your software translation project!

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