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Website Translation

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Your website says a lot about your business and plays a large part in the projection of your image. If your business includes a plan to reach out to global markets you'll need to be able to communicate easily and accurately.

We don't mince words ... we get your website noticed in over 200 languages!

During the COVID-19 Pandemic business has slowed down dramatically for many organizations. We encourage businesses to use this time to update their website to inform customes about their COVID-19 message. As well, it may be time to translate your website to update and translate it. This allows you to hit the floor running once business re-opens and during the COVID-19 Pandemic. This allows you to expand your market base as you target international clients if your business allows for this.

Translate Your Website during COVID-19Businesses that offer an English-only web site will quickly find that they are unable to reach 57% of the world's Internet users. Surfing the web today and visiting the web sites of Fortune 100 global leaders reveals an understanding of the importance of multilingual communication and have expended a great deal of time and money to have their web sites localized and translated by professional localization and translation firms.

- Computer Economics Inc.

Technovate Translations understands the need for accurate website translations. It is estimated that more than 46% of businesses turn away international orders because they are unable to translate them. Don't let that happen to you! Plug into the global economy by speaking their language. At Technovate Translations we offer the following…

  • Professional translations done by native speakers of the translated language
  • Someone who knows the business of selling websites
  • Around the clock customer service
  • A quality control proofreader to re-check the translation we provide

Our Translation Work:



Let Technovate Translations get it right the first time every time! 
Please contact us direct at 1-800-736-7764 to experience the Technovate difference!