Global Lead Generation through Website Translation

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Looking to expand your global market reach through website translation?

In today's competitive marketplace, Canadian and American companies are looking to target the French Canadian, Latin American, and European markets. Quick Sprout translated their website into several languages and saw a 47% increase in web traffic. For example, suppose a manufacturing company has a significant client base in Latin America. Companies can maximize their marketing potential in Latin America by translating their website into Spanish. This allows you to target the market in your client’s language and maximize your marketing efforts.

Looking to maximize your website’s marketing pull?

We help make your website a legitimate arm of the sales department, generate leads, and open opportunities to do business with your company.

Technovate Translations helps businesses with clients in specific markets. We translate your website with your target market in mind. We also implement proper keyword strategies to work with search engines in your target language.

Our translators are experienced in marketing concepts and copywriting and will help you get a well-translated website in your desired language besides English. Our team now offers the following:

Multilingual SEO Services

See how our different SEO Strategies can help you generate increased business!

Website Translation Services: Get Real Benefits
Having your website translated offers your business real benefits to help improve your marketing strategy and increase your lead generation for your sales team. Here are a few of the real benefits our website translation offers:

  • Competitive Advantage
  • This can be a significant competitive edge when your competitors don't have a multilingual website strategy. Especially if you have a client base that includes sales from a specific country, you increase the opportunities in markets where you have traction.

  • SEO-Friendly Website
  • Our marketing team does keyword research in your target language and will target the right keywords when translating your website to ensure it's both SEO-friendly and culturally relevant to your audience, enhancing user engagement and overall online visibility.

  • Increased Lead Generation and Sales
  • Multilingual website translation greatly increases lead generation by reaching a larger, worldwide audience and drawing in prospective clients from various linguistic backgrounds. Increased sales are a direct result of this reach expansion since a multilingual website appeals to a wider range of users, making your goods and services more widely available and desirable.

  • Reach a Wider Audience
  • When we translate your website, we ensure it is properly translated and uses the right terminology in the target language. This ensures that your website is understood in another language and generates sales opportunities for your sales team.


Getting started is very easy. Click on the quote button on this page, and our team will create a quote for your team to translate your website into one of several languages you select.

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