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employment services industry translations

At Technovate, we boast of providing top-notch quality translations that address the individualized demands of many different clients in the employment sector.

In each and every employment translation project, our devotion to success makes sure the message we deliver is appropriate and convincing, irrespective of the language that the the translation is required.


Type of Employment Translations We Offer

employment services industry translations

We offer a wide range of employment translation services at Technovate. Some of the main areas of employment we provide services in are:

  • Job Applications: We provide accurate translations of job applications to send a clear message about an applicant's skills and expertise to potential employers.
  • Job Listings & Ads: We assist organizations in reaching broader markets through accurate translations of properly written job posts to attract more talent subsequently.
  • Resumes/CVs & Cover Letters: We professionally translate resumes, cover letters, etc, to help job seekers stand out.
  • Policies, Procedures, & Handbooks: We also provide translations for internal employment documents at companies to satisfy their need for clear communication and compliance.
  • Contracts: Our agency also plays a key role in translating legal employment contracts to assist employees and employers.

Why Technovate

  • Our experience of completing more than thirty thousand translation projects from our expert translators is one of our major benefits for you. This experience means we know how to handle various kinds of employment translations precisely.
  • Our testimonials are another reason to choose us. Our reviews highlight our excellent customer service, professionalism, and swift turnaround times with employment translations.
  • Our timely delivery is another important reason why you should choose us. We realize that time is precious when it comes to employment operations. Therefore, we ensure that we provide high-quality translations as fast as possible.

Our Competitive Edge

With experience in handling more than 200 languages, we can undertake complicated employment translation projects in any field. We also use modern technologies and means of communication, which enables us to facilitate our procedures and provide highly accurate translations.

Moreover, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence by employing stringent quality assurance measures that adhere to recognized global practices, such as the ISO 17100.

Benefits of ISO 17100:

  • Ensured quality: By adhering to the ISO 17100 standard, we ensure high quality and precision in our translated documents.
  • Enhanced Consistency and Management: This allows us to perform accurate translations that are clear, concise, and culturally appropriate under the umbrella of a well-organized system.
  • High efficiency: Compliance with ISO 17100 facilitates a streamlined work process, minimizes mistakes, and enables quick translation services.
  • Global recognition: ISO 17100 is a widely respected certificate and is recognized by all regulatory authorities on an international scale.

Don’t Settle For Less Than the Best

At Technovate, we go beyond mere words. We deliver what we promise, which has given us the unwavering trust and loyalty of many different customers and agencies.

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