Health Translation

health services industry translations The government works hard at every level to help ensure that citizens have access to quality health care and an array of health services and healthy lifestyle options. However, some of the individuals who are most in need of health advice and information are least able to access it - immigrants and those with low to moderate English language skills. These individuals can often feel left out or disenfranchised, which is why it is so important to offer clear, accurate, and professional translations of health information.

Technovate Translations offers an array of professional translation solutions and services geared toward the needs of the health industry. We have experience translating:medical documentation translations

  • Government documents, applications, and information
  • Insurance claims, forms, and policies
  • Medical documentation
  • Health records
  • And much, much more!

Too often, people rely on machines or friends or relatives with some language knowledge to make ad hoc translations of vital documents. This can cause many more problems than it solves, especially with health documents that require very specific and accurate translations. A professional translation offers many benefits:

  • Superior performance versus machine or software translation
  • Guaranteed accuracy, reliability, and readability
  • Expert translation from translators with experience translating health documents

Technovate Translations utilizes the services of highly experienced translators who each have demonstrated a proficiency translating into and out of their native languages. Each has passed a rigorous qualification process to join our firm, and each has more than three years' experience translating professionally. Coupled with our 24/7 customer care support and our double-check quality control system, you can be assured that Technovate Translations will get the job done right the first time!