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Scientific Translations

Scientific Translations

Translating Scientific Documents and Material

There simply is no substitute when translating scientific or medical literate or documents for using highly specialized scientific translators who are qualified in both science and translation. The language and terminology used in the scientific realm are unlike any other industry.

For this reason, only a skilled translator with extensive understanding of the specific clinical industry is capable of handling such an undertaking like scientific translations. TechnovateTranslations.com boasts a large team of such experienced translators.

Importance of Total Accuracy

At TechnovateTranslations.com, we understand how important total precision is when translating clinical materials, and have therefore developed a team of translators that are specific to the scientific sector.

Our translators have in-depth experience in producing:

  • Hospital Reports
  • Medication Package Booklets
  • Informed Consent Forms
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Journal Articles
  • Research Reports
  • Medical Leaflets
  • Advertising Material
  • Medical Manuals
  • … and more!

Your Business Can Count on Our Scientific Translators

The following are some of the key characteristics that the translators at TechnovateTranslations.com possess:

  • University degrees in the scientific realm
  • Certification and full training in translation
  • Over 5 years translator working experience
  • Native speakers in 150+ languages
  • Strict adherence to our quality expectations
  • Scientific background
  • Specialization in scientific and medical translation
  • Bound by a confidentiality agreement

Contact TechnivateTranslaiton.com today for all your scientific translation needs!