Biotechnology Translation

Biotechnology Translation

Our Biotechnology philosophy:

Committed to excellence, Technovate Translations bridges the global divide in biotechnology, ensuring precision, expertise, and unparalleled quality in every translation we deliver.

Global Impact of Biotechnology

The Ripple Effect of Discoveries: In today's globalized world, biotechnology no longer exists in a vacuum. Instead, a discovery made today in Brazil can affect the lives of people in Benin, Belarus, and beyond. Consequently, biotechnology companies have come to realize the international power of biotechnology and the need to ensure that discoveries are reported accurately and new products are tested and patented in every location where these products will be consumed and sold. As a result, biotechnology translation has become an essential tool for the industry.

Language and Global Reach: Today, many major biotechnology advances are made in countries where the most spoken language is not English. But at the same time, the leading journals for reporting these discoveries tend to be published in one of only a very few world languages, primarily English. In order for researchers in the biotechnology industry to have access to these vital publication outlets, biotechnology translation is essential.

Navigating Biotechnology Across Borders: But more than this, biotechnology companies understand that every location where they do business has its own requirements for testing biotechnology products for safety and efficacy, and each jurisdiction has its own requirements for patenting new discoveries. As a result, biotechnology companies need biotechnology translation in order to safeguard their discoveries and navigate the complex legal and scientific barriers in each jurisdiction where they operate.

Why Technovate is Your Biotech Translation Partner: While translating biotechnology material can be challenging due in large part to the specialized language used in these materials, Technovate Translations has the expertise to translate the most complex and technical biotechnology documents fluidly, quickly, and accurately. Our global team of more than 7,000 translators has expertise in every area biotechnology touches—including scientific literature, legal and patent documentation, medical testing documentation, and more. Each of our translators is a fluent native speaker of the language he or she translates, and all of our translators have at least three years' experience translating at the highest levels.

We work with experienced translators with backgrounds that include every aspect of biotechnology, from the life sciences to medical testing to legal and patent work. This means that our translators are not just language experts but have the background knowledge and subject matter insight to knowledgeably translate your most complex biotechnology documents in the most accurate and fluid way possible. Every language as its own unique technical and scientific terminology, and we have the insight and the knowledge to know how to employ that language to create your next biotechnology translation.

Areas of Expertise

Our translators are completely capable to provide a Biotechnology Translation, which may involve translation of the following topics:

  • DNA Sequencing
  • Pathogen Detection
  • Immunodiagnostics
  • Pharmacology
  • Vaccines
  • Gene Expression Analysis
  • Pharmaceutical technology
  • Animal health
  • Analytical Equipment

When you order a translation from Technovate Translations, we will give you an accurate and fluid translation on your deadline, guaranteed. We support every order with our 24-hour customer service and the personal guarantee of our entire team.

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