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Pharmaceutical Translation Services

Pharmaceutical Translation

Like nearly every industry, the pharmaceutical industry has felt the effects of globalization. Today, pharmaceuticals can be developed in one country, manufactured in a second, and consumed in a third—or even worldwide. As a result, the process of developing, manufacturing, and distributing pharmaceuticals has become international, and a drug will often pass through the hands of many people who speak several different languages between the time it is created and the time it is consumed. As a result, the need for pharmaceutical translation at each stage of the process—including scientific, financial, legal, and corporate translation—has become a necessity for doing business in the pharmaceutical industry.

Translation services are necessary at every step of the pharmaceutical development and distribution process. From translating scientific literature necessary to conduct research and publicize findings to translating technical and legal materials to file for patent applications in each jurisdiction where your company operates, pharmaceutical translation is essential. Additionally, in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, the labels, warnings, packaging, and other medical documentation need expert translation in order to ensure that the pharmaceuticals are packaged correctly and can be used correctly. In this case, this can literally be a matter of life and death, and even the smallest translation mistake can have grave consequences.

Translating pharmaceutical materials requires expertise, not least because of the extreme importance of getting it right the first time every time. Technovate Translations works with a global team of more than 7,000 translation experts with extensive experience translating highly technical and complex documents quickly, accurately, and fluidly. We work only with experienced translators who have demonstrated their fluency in both English and the language they translated into and out of as well as at least three years' experience translating professionally at the highest levels.

Each of our translators is hand-selected for both linguistic expertise and deep background knowledge. This means that our translators have both language skills and a familiarity with the science behind pharmaceutical documents and the financial and legal background to translate other necessary documents for your company. This means that our translations go beyond merely substituting one word for another and instead utilize an expert's understanding of the language to adapt your document to accurately convey your meaning in the technical or scientific language needed for readers to understand your material immediately in the target language.

We offer a complete range of services specific towards Pharmaceutical professionals, including translations of:

  • Case Report
  • Clinical Trial Materials
  • Doctor Guides
  • Drug Prescription
  • Lab Reports
  • Manufacturing Specifications
  • Market Studies
  • Medicine Translation
  • Patents
  • Patient Guides
  • Patient Questionnaires

When you order a translation from Technovate Translations, we guarantee that you will receive a fluid and accurate translation by the deadline you set. We back up this guarantee with our 24-hour customer service and the personal promise of our entire team.

Contact Technovate Translations for more information and to receive a customized quote for your translation project.