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Document Translation Proofreading Services

At a small museum in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, a display of hand-carved African art is entitled "Hand Cravings." Keep in mind that the statues don't show hand-munching monsters, but this simple typographical error (craving for carving) made the museum into something of a laughingstock when a national magazine noticed the mistake. Don't let simple mistakes like this turn off potential clients. You need a proofreader.

You might say that you don't need a proofreader because you check over all your work yourself. And that's great. But most of us have trouble finding our own mistakes because we see what we think we wrote rather than what we really put on paper.

A professional proofreading service can help:

  • Catch spelling errors that were missed
  • Catch common grammar mistakes everyone makes
  • Find places where the text is clear to one person but might not make sense to readers
  • Provide a professional look and feel to your text

Proofreading is vital in today's marketplace. Proofread text makes you:

  • Look professional
  • Leave a positive impression on your audience
  • Show your attention to detail and commitment to quality

If you think proofreading errors are just silly mistakes that can elicit nothing more than a chuckle, think again. Proofreading errors can be costly:

  • In April 2009, Apple mistakenly listed its new iPod Touch at $378 instead of the real price of $299, potentially turning off some customers
  • A report following Hurricane Gustav mistakenly referred to Hurricane Ike as "Hurricane Ikea," which opened the author to potential lawsuits
  • The American Family Association style sheet uses the word "homosexual" instead of "gay." Their in-house proofreader failed to notice that they referred to sprinter Tyson Gay as "Tyson Homosexual" in their sports coverage, garnering international negative press coverage of their organization
  • A Scottish newspaper suffered embarrassment when a headline about a local kid's soccer team said they were "stripped and ready for action"

Proofreading is the answer to avoiding potential embarrassment and costly mistakes. Talk to one of our Technovate Translation Representatives today by calling 1-800-736-7764 or email us at and have a professional proofreader look over your documents.