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Kitchener Translation Services

Corporate & Technical Document Translation Services - Kitchener

Technovate delivers ‘Peace of Mind’ with every translation project we undertake. With 6,000+ Translators specializing across various technical fields and industries in over 200 languages. Our quality control systems have been time tested and meet the rigorous standards of the 4,000 clients we’ve helped with over 20,000 projects. Call, email or send us your file and we’ll deliver by your deadline every time!

Important Industries of Kitchener

The city of Kitchener, Ontario, has long been synonymous with manufacturing, and the city is filled with reminders of its manufacturing heritage. Today, one in five Kitchener residents is employed in the manufacturing sector. However, manufacturing has declined in the city in favor of high technology, which helps to make Kitchener one corner of Canada’s Technology Triangle. Following a revitalization program, the city has begun a new focus on environmental sustainability and transforming its downtown.


Emergency Translation

Technovate Translations specializes in emergency translation. In fact, many language service providers recommend us to their clients when they’re unable to deliver an emergency project within the client’s time requirements. Taking on a 50,000 word contract is not a problem within 5 days. We’ve done it many times both larger and smaller with less time. Our internal procedures allow us to deliver high quality work about 50% faster than our competition.

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About Kitchener

Translation Services Kitchener

The city known today as Kitchener was founded by Pennsylvania Dutch settlers from the United States. From 1854 to 1916, the city of Kitchener was known as Berlin, so named by the German immigrants who flocked the area around what is now the city of Waterloo following the end of the Napoleonic Wars. However, anti-German feelings during World War I led the city to change its name from one honoring Germany to one honoring one of the heroes of the war, Lord Kitchener. Another result of the war was the loss of much of the city’s German heritage. The city is the origin of the famous blue bin recycling programs now found around the world. The first ever such program launched in Kitchener in 1981. The city has a population of more than 200,000 people. Of these, just 15 percent are visible minorities. Among these, the largest minority groups are Black Canadians and South Asians, at about three percent of the population each.

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