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Faroese is an Insular Nordic language and is spoken by people on the Faroe Islands and also in Denmark. There are approximately 75,000 speakers. Faroese is a language that is a descendant from the Old West Norse languages. Its closest relative is the Icelandic language. Even though closely related, Faroese and Icelandic are not translatable and cannot be understood between the two.

Faroese Document Translation Services

Faroese began a distinct language in the 9th century. Before the 1980s Faroese was not recognized in print or television ads. Faroese is typically not taught outside of the region and therefore there are not many speakers of the language.

We offer professional Faroese translation services to suit your needs. Our skilled translators will assist with medical, financial, legal, scholarly, and many other fields. Any document can be translated into Faroese by our professional staff. Diplomas, degrees, transcripts, books, essays, and certificates will be translated accurately and efficiently.

About the Faroese Language:

The Faroese language works off of a Latin script and it has 29 letters in its alphabet. Faroese has stressed vowels for more of an emphasis and pronunciation factor. The language also uses glider letters between some vowels and the gliders are “g” and “d”. The language is similar to the Icelandic language when it comes to grammar.

Interesting Fact:

In 1937, Faroese superseded Danish and was put into all schools replacing Danish as the taught language.

Main Industries:

  • Fishing
  • Tourism
  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture

Faroese Language Facts:

  • Only around 75,000 speakers
  • Closely related to the Icelandic language
  • Is an Insular Nordic language
  • It is the official language in the Faroe Islands

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