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Fijian is a language from the Austronesian family; a branch of the Malayo-Polynesian family. The language is spoken in Fiji. Half of the population speaks the language as a first language. Fijian is considered the official language in Fiji and was just branded the title recently. Fijian is based on another Fijian language called Bau and it gets its influences from it.

Fijian Document Translation Services

The Fijian language is a co-official language along with English and Hindustani. There has been some debate over this and some of the Fijian people have tried getting official status for the language but nothing has been done.

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About the Fijian Language:

The sentence structure of this language is a verb-object-subject order. The language uses consonant phonemes. There are loan words that have been taken from other languages to help develop Fijian. The language also contains stresses which appear on some words. The alphabet is based on a Latin script and is similar to our alphabet but it excludes a few letters.

Interesting Fact:

Besides the language debate about making Fijian the only official language, there has been debate over teaching it in school. These debates started in about 2005.

Main Industries:

  • Lumber
  • Sugar
  • Clothing
  • Tourism
  • Gold

Fijian Language Facts:

  • There are 650,000 speakers total
  • Fijian belongs to the Austronesian language family
  • It is the official language in Fiji

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