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Finnish is the language that is spoken by most of the population in Finland. It is one of the official languages of Finland and is a minority language in Sweden. Kven, which is a dialect of Finnish, is spoken in Norway. Finnish is from the Uralic family of languages and also includes Estonian and a few other languages spoken around the Baltic Sea.

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There are many Finnish speaking minorities in other surrounding countries such as Sweden, Norway, and Russia. The language has been around since about 1000 BCE. The first writings of the Finnish language are found in the 16th century. Previous to this, Finnish was only a spoken language. The written language is a base of Swedish, German, and also Latin.

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About the Finnish Language:

The language is from the Finnic family and it modifies and inflects its language. The inflections and modifiers are seen in nouns, adjectives, pronouns, and numerals. Finnish shares some properties with other Finnic languages in the sense that they share morphology of words and also shared vocabulary. There are many different dialects and all of them are interchangeable and understood by all spoken dialects. The only difference is in some minor grammar or vowel changes.

Interesting Finnish Fact:

Before the 19th century, most all written forms of Finnish were in religious texts.

Main Industries:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Finance
  • Transport
  • Communications
  • Insurance
  • Forestry

Finnish Language Facts:

  • Spoken by 5 million speakers in Finland
  • 90% of the Finnish population in Finland spoke the language as their first
  • It is one of two official languages in Finland
  • It is a minority language in Sweden

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