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Greek is a language from the Indo-European family; however, it is considered an independent language. This language has the longest written history out of all other languages; 34 centuries. It is a native language to Greece, Balkans, Asia Minor, and also Aegean. The Greek alphabet is used or writing and has stayed this way for most of history.

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Greek is the most widely spoken language in the Mediterranean area. The Balkan Peninsula is no stranger to Greek as it has been spoken there since the 3rd millennium BC. Greek is the official language in the country of Greece. Almost all of the population in Greece speaks Greek. Greek is also recognized as a minority language in a few other countries.

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About the Greek Language:

Greek words are often used many of times in medical and science writings. The Greek root words are extremely popular and are used more often than you may think. Greek is a primary source of international vocabulary. Over approximately 50,000 words in English are from Greek origins. The Greek alphabet uses symbols for letters. The Greek alphabet originated in 9th century BC.

Interesting Fact:

Many famous works of literature were written in Greek. Works such as the Odyssey and the Iliad are examples.

Main Industries:

  • Tourism
  • Mining
  • Food
  • Tobacco
  • Chemicals
  • Metals
  • Petroleum

Greek Language Facts:

  • 1 of 23 official languages in the European Union
  • 13 million native speakers
  • Is considered an independent language
  • Other languages use words from Greek to form their words

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